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Zev: What kind of robot are you?
790: I’m a robot who wants to live in your underpants.

Mantrid: [With a voice gradually getting higher] I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe! I destroyed a Universe!
Xev Bellringer: And we destroyed you!
[Squashes Mantrid under her boot]

Robots: Hail Thodin! Winner of His Shadow’s award of merit!
[Thodin goes up to them and steals their guns, lifting the arm on one robot and the other robot lifts its own arm]
Thodin: Good Boys.
Robots: Hail Thodin! Winner of
Robots: correction, award of merit rescinded! Thodin, Arch-Heretic and rebel, you are wanted for immediate termination!
[lift arms, pause]
Robots: Please return our weapons!
[Thodin shoots and vaporizes the robots]
Thodin: May his Shadow fall upon you.

Kai: You might consider abandoning Lyekka on this planet.
Stanley Tweedle: But I like her… when she’s not hungry anyway.




  • “May his merciful shadow fall upon… me preferably.”
  • “I don’t know about you, Kai, but right now, I’m about as happy as a kid in a candy store!”
  • “Zev if you need a man that badly! You know where to find me!”
  • “Hey buddy! Your machine must be busted or something, because I ain’t fertile, I ain’t female! No
    I’m Stanley Tweedle, all man!”
  • “Oh thats Great! I’m gonna die without my hat. I mean we are going to die be at least you guys will
    be dressed…”


  • “Can’t we just have sex instead?”
  • “I like my men tall, handsome, and dead.”
  • “You’re right, Stan, I do need you, I need your magic hand guiding this ship around this universe,
    so I can find myself a real man.”
  • “We can take an oral exam right now, if you want.”
  • “You may still only be a head, 790; but you’re the best head I ever had.


  • “I kill you now in the name of his Shadow!”
  • “The dead do not feel pain.”
  • “The dead do not get frustrated.”
  • “The dead do not poo.”
  • “The dead do not squeeze and please.”
  • “The dead can’t get high.”
  • “The wheel, it turns, it rolls around. It makes an ancient rumbling sound.”
  • “I have not been aroused for 6000 years.”
  • “I have killed thousands. I have killed proud young warriors and wise old rulers. I have killed
    mothers with babes in their arms. I have killed the just, the wicked, and the beautiful. I have done
    this for two thousand years in the service of His Divine Shadow and apparently the fun never stops!”
  • “Would you care to join me in watching a Super Nova? It is a once in a lifetime experience.”
  • “As a mindless servant of death for His Shadow, I was not prone to curiousity.”
  • “I was kept in a mortuary with thousands like myself. There I recieved protoblood from a tube in
    my storage drawer.”
  • “No.. you can’t eat my brain just yet. I need it a little while longer.”
  • “Mind Squish until we return. And if we do not… kill it, before it gets big enough to eat you.”
  • “Be certain of your need before you chose to reanimate me. In the light universe, I have been
    darkness, perhapes in the Dark Zone.. I will be light.”


  • “Stanley Tweedle a man? Thats news!”
  • “If I only had an arm I’d be more than just a head! If only had an arm I would strangle Tweedle Dead!”
  • “Please torture the little bastard!!”
  • “Don’t look at me dead man in black, I have no motivation except to jam circuits with creamy love pudding number one.”
  • “Say, do you have any well-built male bodies without heads?”
  • “Tweedle, you slut!”
  • “On a branch there is a fruit, Plump and ripe for sucking, In a bed there is a Xev, hot and right for…..”

The Lexx

  • “As you command Stanley the brave who risked his skin for his friends.”
  • “Distress, distress.. I am being penetrated…”
  • “I am the Lexx. The most powerful destructive weapon in the two universes. Stanley Tweedle is my captain. I blow up planets for him.”


  • “I always stick to my deals!”
  • “I’m very good with pain.”
  • “I can give you happiness, Xev. I can fill the emptiness within you.”



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