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LEXX Overview

Run Date:

Premiered: April 18, 1997

Status: Ended

Last Aired: April 26, 2002

SPACE TV Network
– adventure  – alien
– comedy  – fantasy
– sci-fi





Plot Summary: The Lexx, as the saying goes, is the most powerful ship in two universes.

Captained by security guard level 4, Stanley Tweedle, it is not on a voyage of peace and discovery. It’s either running away from His Divine Shadow, blowing up planets (sometimes by accident), bringing abut the destruction of the universe or, as is generally the case, on a futile mission to get Stanley laid.

The giant insectoid Lexx is home to sex-starved Stanley and his crew of Xev, the eye-poppingly beautiful half-human half-lizard love-slave, Kai, the reanimated corpse of a dead warrior, and 790, a lippy robot head, who is usually in lust with Xev but always wants to kill Stanley.

With a huge cult following, Lexx is a groundbreaking show that will take you to places in Sci Fi that you’ve never imagined.



Lexx Cast
  • Brian Downey as Stanley H. Tweedle
  • Eva Habermann as Zev Bellringer [ eps 1-6 ]
  • Xenia Seeberg as Xev Bellringer [ 2-4 ]
  • Michael McManus as Kai
  • Jeffrey Hirschfield as the Voice of 790
  • Tom Gallant as the Voice of the Lexx



Official Site: http://www.lexxzone.com


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