Mad Max 4 Update and Cast Revealed

Everyone knows that George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) will be directing Mad Max 4: Fury Road, which will begin filming in Australia this summer, and that Mel Gibson has recently revealed that while he will produce the new film but will not appear in it.

Here is the cast line up so far, Tom Hardy (Bronson, RocknRolla) and Charlize Theron are the leads in the fourth Mad Max movie, and now we have Zoe Kravitz (The Brave One) will play a character named Five Wives and she will join Teresa Palmer (Bedtime Stories) and Adelaide Clemens in a convoy being chased by the bad guys. Also in addition, Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Clash of the Titans) is also on board to play a character named Nux.

Now for the big update: Miller was always looking for a young actor to star in the film, so it was just assumed that Mad Max 4 would be a prequel. But now THR is claiming that the movie is set a short while after the story detailed in 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (the third installment), which keeps Mad Max relatively young.

FYI: In Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Gibson was 29-years-old. Hardy is now 32-year-old, which makes him the right age to play Max after the events in the third film.

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