Mark Strong is Sinestro in Green Lantern

No, that’s completely wrong. Somebody told me about it this morning; I had never heard it before in my life,” said Campbell. “In fact, we’re in negotiations with Mark Strong (RocknRolla, Sherlock Holmes) to play Sinestro. He’s not only a wonderful actor, but he looks like Sinestro.

Campbell went on to confirm Peter Sarsgaard as villain Hector Hammond and mentioned what other characters we can expect to make an appearance in the movie. “Well, Kilowog will be,” he said. “Tomar-Re is in it. Sinestro is in it. Abin Sur is in it. All the origin people. Carol [Ferris], of course, who will be played by Blake Lively.”

“All the main characters are there, and it’s a complex story. The origin story of Green Lantern is complex, probably one of the most complex, which makes it a challenge to get it right.

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