Thomas Dekker Interview - The Secret Circle, Sarah Connor Chronicles...
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Thomas Dekker Interview - The Secret Circle, Sarah Connor Chronicles &...

Thomas Dekker, aka John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles & Adam Conant in The Secret Circle reveals he’s a Twin Peaks freak, chats about upcoming movies Squatters, Snap, The Good Lie, & his stand-up comedy – Watch more TV & movie interviews! – Visit Flicks and the City! – Like Flicks and the City on Facebook! – Follow Flicks and the City on Twitter!Interviewer: Jan Gilbert – Follow Jan on Twitter! – Visit !Featured on Dekker was at the London Film and Comic Convention revealing that he’s obsessed with Tales from the Crypt comic books and TV show, he’s a huge Twin Peaks freak and has considered a trip to the show locations in Oregon. Tomas Dekker fans ask him a lot about Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and how they were devastated when the third season was cancelled. Thomas was just 19 when he got the part for John Connor which was terrifying at the time and still misses it. Thomas Dekker was disappointed when the second season of The Secret Circle wasn’t made as season 2 would have brought in additional members and his character was going to finally go to the dark side. Thomas Dekker has starred in the movie Kaboom, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Thomas also wrote, directed and starred in Whore, which is going to be expanded into a new film Walk of Fame Thomas has just finished shooting Snap and Squatters, has a movie The Good Lie which will be in Toronto Film Festival later in 2012, and is starting in August in a secret movie which he can’t reveal at the moment. The secret movie will be very edgy and dark but will be a big is a psychological thriller about a young dubstep musician in Los Angeles who is slowly going mad, and also stars Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed, Jason Priestley and Scott Bakula, and is directed by Youssef Delara & Victor is about a homeless couple living on Venice Beach and then breaking into a mansion, and also stars Richard Dreyfuss, Luke Grimes, Lolita Davidovich and Gabriella Wilde, and is directed by Martin Dekker is also getting into stand-up comedy and has just completed a show with The Second Secret Circle trailer preview clip spoiler and teaser : The Sarah Connor Chronicles trailer preview clip spoiler and teaser Thanks to London Film & Comic Convention future LFCC events

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