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One night years ago, a single act of kindness changed Mick when he saved a young girl’s life, making him want to be a better vampire. Now their paths cross again and Mick develops a distinctive bond with Beth Turner, who has grown into a beautiful, ambitious Internet investigative reporter. Reconnecting with her unleashes feelings Mick knows he can’t pursue without exposing that part of him that would make him a monster in Beth’s eyes. As Mick lives between two realities, fighting his adversaries among the undead and falling in love, he discovers the mysteries and pleasures that a valuable life has to offer.

Moonlight Cast

 Moonlight Cast

  • Alex O’Loughlin: Mick St. John
  • Sophia Myles: Beth Turner
  • Jason Dohring: Josef Konstantin
  • Shannyn Sossamon: Coraline

Season One Episode Guide

No Such Thing As Vampires

Episode 1  Originally aired: September 28, 2007

When a series of vampire-style murders plague L.A., immortal investigator Mick St. John sets out to find the culprits and reconnects with a woman, Internet reporter Beth Turner, at a crime scene.

Out Of The Past

Episode 2 Originally aired: October 5, 2007

A killer from Mick’s past is released from jail and Beth learns that Mick was involved in the case through the autobiographical book that her friend wrote. The killer threatens to reveal the truth about Mick’s identity to Beth.

Dr. Feelgood

Episode 3 Originally aired: October 12, 2007

Still reeling from Mick’s revelation about his identity, a cautious Beth struggles as she helps him track down a blood-thirsty, renegade vampire who doesn’t know how to deal with his killer.


Episode 4 Originally aired: October 19, 2007

Mick is injured in his search for a young woman, who is believed to be hiding in the desert. But when the scorching sunlight depletes Mick’s vampire ability to heal him, Beth must rush to help him.

Arrested Development

Episode 5 Originally aired: October 26, 2007

Mick hunts a teenaged vampire who is preying on female escorts he finds on the Internet. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth try to avoid each other after sharing an intimate moment.


Episode 6 Originally aired: Friday November 2

Mick finds himself working with Beth again when the search for a mysterious vampire from Josef’s past is linked to a drug overdose she is investigating.

The Ringer  Episode 7 Originally aired: Friday November 2

Mick investigates an arson that destroys a legendary Hollywood hotel. The probe is made more mysterious when Mick realizes the fire eerily replicates the circumstances under which his former wife, Coraline, died. In addition, a woman Mick is working with bears a striking resemblance to Coraline.

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