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Mork & Mindy Season 1

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Mork and Mindy Season 1

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Season 1 (1978-1979 / 25 episodes)

1. Mork & Mindy Pilot (Part 1) (also called Mork and Mindy Hour Special) (original airdate: 09/14/78 on Happy Days)

Alien Mork, from the planet Ork, is sent to Earth to observe a primitive society and report back to his leader, Orson. He lands in Boulder, Colorado, and meets Mindy, who allows him to stay at her place. Mork tells her about his first trip to Earth and about the Fonz.

2. Mork & Mindy Pilot (Part 2) (09/14/78)

Mork recalls his first trip to Earth and his date with Laverne. The Department of Immigration wants to deport Mork because he is an illegal alien. Penny Marshall guest-stars.


Irresistibly funny Mork from Planet Ork lands on Earth where he is befriended by lovely Mindy and gets lessons in love from “the Fonz” who gets him a date with Laverne. Mork, a misfit on his own planet because of his sense of humor, has been sent on a mission to observe Earth’s more primitive society and report back telepathically to his leader, Orson. He arrives in Boulder, Colorado, and meets Mindy McConnell, who has just been stranded by a boyfriend. They walk to Mindy’s apartment where Mork soon convinces her that he is an alien from outer space. He’s also so disarmingly innocent that Mindy feels protective and lets him spend the night. Frederick jumps to the wrong conclusion when Mork announces that he is staying with Mindy and asks a cop friend to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Mork decides he needs advice in the art of dating and goes to confer with “The Fonz”, the greatest expert in the universe on the dating ritual peculiar to humans. In a flashback sequence, Mork arrives at Richie Cunningham’s home where Fonzie is house-sitting. “The Fonz” arranges a blind date for Mork and Laverne with hilarious results. Meanwhile, in Boulder, Frederick’s friend, Officer Tilwick, has taken steps that eventually lead to a sanity hearing for Mork.

Guest cast: Geoffrey Lewis as Tilwick, Dick Yarmy as Dr. Litney, Michael Prince as the judge, Jeff Harlan as Bill, Woody Eney as the prosecuting attorney, Hank Jones as the defense attorney, Leslie Vallen as the court reporter.

Writer: Dale McRaven
Director: Howard Storm


3. Mork Moves In (09/21/78)

Mindy is determined to keep Mork’s origin secret while she teaches him to act human and helps him find a job. Still, Mindy is forced to tell her father, who strongly disapproves.

Mork, too unfamiliar with Earthling ways to go out on his own, moves into the attic of Mindy’s apartment over the outraged opposition of her old-fashioned father. Mindy determines to keep secret the fact that Mork is from another planet while she teaches him to act human and helps him find a job. Then Frederick, Mindy’s conservative father, demands to know what is going on between Mork and his daughter. Mindy is forced to share the secret that Mork is from the Planet Ork. After Mindy has bowed to Frederick’s orders that she get rid of Mork, she begins to realize that she doesn’t want him to leave.

Guest cast: unknown.

Writers: Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Director: Howard Storm


4. Mork Runs Away (09/28/78)

Mindy is hurt when her date misunderstands why Mork is living in her apartment. Believing he is making her unhappy, Mork runs away, leaving only a note behind.

Mindy is hurt when her date Brad misconstrues Mork’s living in her apartment and walks out – like her other boyfriends. Later she finds a farewell note from Mork who believes his presence is making Mindy unhappy. Meanwhile, Mork follows young Eugene’s advice to find a flop-house because of his meager funds. By mistake he wanders into the Friends of Venus headquarters.

Guest cast: James David Hinton as Brad, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Joel Zwick


5. Mork in Love (10/05/78)

Mork loses his head over a shapely blonde. He is confused about the meaning of love because emotions have been banned on Ork.

In his confusion over the meaning of love, because emotions have been done away with on Ork, Mork turns to Mindy for counsel. She advises that if he wants to be like an Earth person he will have to experience the emotion himself. Mork gathers more information on the subject from Mindy’s grandmother, Cora Hudson, and from his main munchkin pal Eugene. Thus educated, Mork falls madly in love with a shapely blonde, to Mindy’s dismay.

Guest cast: Ken Greenwald as the voice of the spacesuit.

Writers: Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Director: Harvey Medlinsky


6. Mork’s Seduction (10/12/78)

Mindy gets so jealous when an old rival from high school makes a date with Mork that she joins them as well.

Curvaceous Susan Taylor, Mindy’s love rival from high school days, meets Mork at the music store and disdainfully brushes him off until she learns that he lives with Mindy. She does an abrupt turnabout and arranges to pick him up for a date that night. Mindy, green-eyed with jealously, goes too. Susan then invites Mork to dine at her place – by candlelight – unaware that Mork lives in terror of a sacred flame that heralds the arrival of Volgar the Enforcer on planet Ork.

Guest cast: Morgan Fairchild as Susan Taylor, Bruce M. Fisher as Big Man.

Writer: Neil Lebowitz
Director: Harvey Medlinsky


7. Mork Goes Public (10/19/78)

Mork discovers that Mindy needs money to attend college and that a publication is offering $25,000 for proof that aliens walk on Earth. He decides to turn himself in for the reward.

Newspaper reporter Clint Mullet believes Mindy is his ticket to fame because he thinks she can supply him with proof that aliens exist on Earth. Clint sneaks into Mindy’s room searching for clues, runs into Mork and reveals the publication’s offer of $25,000 for proof that aliens walk the Earth. After hearing Mindy and her dad discussing how they could use the money for college and to repair the plumbing, Mork decides to sacrifice his identity to repay Mindy.

Guest cast: Jeff Altman as Clint Mullet.

Writers: David Misch and April Kelly
Director: Joel Zwick


8. To Tell the Truth (11/21/78)

Unfamiliar with Earthlings’ “white lies,” Mork reviles Mindy’s mean landlord and the man who tried to put her family out of business.

Mork believes that humans are honest because Mindy lectured him on “splinking”, his Orkan word for lying. Then Arnold Wanker, who is trying to oust Mindy’s family from the music store property, dies while he is in a rage at the store. His widow, Annie, and everyone else – including Mindy – begin to chorus what a wonderful man Wanker was. Unfamiliar with Earthlings’ little white lies, Mork, hearing the loving tributes being paid to the deceased landlord, who was the meanest man in town, decides to jump-start him back to life. Out of compassion for his grieving friends, Mork employs his Orkan power to revive the deceased.

Guest cast: Logan Ramsey as Arnold Wanker, Fay DeWitt as Annie Wanker, Jeremy West as the funeral home attendant, Stu Silver as the paramedic.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Joel Zwick


9. Mork the Gullible (11/09/78)

Trusting Mork falls for a con man’s touching story about his sick mother. He is jailed for aiding and abetting the escape of a convict.

Mindy tries to convince Mork that people are taking advantage of him because he believes anything he hears. While Mork is alone at the music store, Officer Boyd pursues Dittman, an escaped car thief, into the store and handcuffs him to a rail while he chases an accomplice. Dittman convinces Mork that he only wanted to see his sick mother for the last time, and promises to return the next day. Mork zaps off his handcuffs and has to face the music when Boyd returns.

Guest cast: Dan Barrows as Dittman, Ed Bernard as Officer Boyd, Dana Hill as the Girl Scout, Wally Dalton as the guard.

Writer: Neil Lebowitz
Director: Howard Storm


10. A Mommy for Morky (11/16/78)

Mork learns the facts of life when he meets Mindy’s pregnant friend; then he becomes troubled by the fact that he never had a real mom.

Mork learns the human facts of life when he meets Mindy’s friend Sally, who is expecting her baby soon. Mork, reared by an iron-clawed computer, envies the unborn child and decides that mothers have the most important job on Earth. Meanwhile, Mindy’s former fiance, Dan, has reentered her life, pressing for marriage and babies. Mindy is tempted to accept, but doesn’t know what it would be like to have a child. She finds out when Mork, troubled by the fact that he never had a real mom, uses his Orkan age machine to revert to a three-year-old and takes Mindy as his newly adopted mother. Suddenly Mindy has a noisy child in the attic while Dan is present.

Guest cast: Barry Van Dyke [Airwolf] as Dan, Susan Lawrence as Sally.

Writer: Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


11. Mork’s Greatest Hits (11/23/78)

The naive Orkan makes a laughingstock out of a bully at the local cafe. Fearing the bully’s revenge, Mindy’s father gives Mork boxing lessons.

The naive Orkan makes pugnacious George the laughingstock at a local cafe in a confrontation over Mindy, whom George has forced to dance with him. George threatens to get even and sets out to find Mork. Meanwhile, Frederick wants Mork to be able to protect his daughter when they’re together, and tries to give him boxing lessons. He gives up when Mork reveals that Orkans defend themselves in the most dangerous situations by dishing out compliments. Then George phones that he is on his way over. With the enraged town bully hot on his heels, Mork remains resolutely non-violent in keeping with his Orkan ways, and is baffled by the efforts of Mindy and Frederick to give him a quick education in Earthling self-defense.

Guest cast: Brian James as George, Kit McDonough as Marcia, Tom Kindle as Rick.

Writer: David Misch
Director: Howard Storm


12. Old Fears (11/30/78)

Mindy’s grandmother is deeply depressed over the death of a friend. With the help of an Orkan age machine, Mork turns himself into a romantic older gentlemen and courts Cora out of her blues.

Mindy’s grandmother, Cora Hudson, has the blues, which have been caused by the death of one of her few remaining friends. Mork is eager to help Cora regain her zest for living but Mindy explains that Cora needs someone her own age, never dreaming that he will use his Orkan age machine to fill the bill. Aged, except for the twinkle in his eye, Mork shows up at the music store to buy a harmonica and begins flirting outrageously with Cora. Although dating “Bill Hohner” makes Cora happy again, she does detect something familiar about him. Meanwhile, Mork reveals to Mindy and Frederick that he is the old man, and they accuse him of perpetrating a cruel hoax because Cora will suffer after the necessary breakup of the romance.

Guest cast: unknown.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


13. Mork’s First Christmas (12/14/78)

Mork is frightened and overwhelmed by the mad rush of his first Christmas until Mindy explains the earth observance and its meaning. Morgan Fairchild guest-stars.

Mork is frightened and overwhelmed by the mad rush of his first Christmas until Mindy explains the Earth observance and its meaning. Mindy reluctantly relents when Mork, who learned that the season is a time of caring and sharing, wants to invite pretentious Susan Taylor to join them and Mindy’s family for the holiday. Mork asks his young friend Eugene to accompany him to a discount store to buy presents, but is informed by the clerk that he doesn’t have enough money. Mork is excited by Eugene’s suggestion that he can make gifts, and does so. Later, when he overhears the reactions to his strange labors of love, Mork is hurt. Then with childlike innocence and joy, he finds a way to give the best gifts of all to Mindy’s family and her “fair-weather friend”, Susan.

Guest cast: Morgan Fairchild as Susan Taylor, Dave Ketchum as the salesman, Ysabel MacCloskey as the woman.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Jeff Chambers


14. Mork and the Immigrant (01/11/79)

Mork is warned by a young Russian immigrant that all aliens in the United States must register. When Mork tries to report, he throws the Immigration Bureau into total confusion.

Mork is intrigued by the voting procedure in a democracy. After learning from Mindy that at least three voters are needed to prevent ties, Mork meets Sergei, a young student cellist recently immigrate from Russia who is looking for a place to stay, and moves him into Mindy’s apartment to resolve their domestic voting problem. Amazed to learn that he and Sergei are among thousands of aliens in this country, Mork joins his new friend for the annual registration throwing the immigration bureau into total confusion.

Guest cast: Tim Thomerson as Sergei, Ned Wertimer as the clerk.

Writers: April Kelly and Dave O’Malley
Director: Howard Storm


15. Mork the Tolerant (01/18/79)

Bickley, the commercial artist living downstairs, complains about the noise from Mindy’s apartment. Mork pays him a visit and invites him for dinner — which turns out to be comically disastrous.

Bickley, a commercial artist who lives in the apartment below, has been making life intolerable for Mindy by pounding on his ceiling constantly in complaint over the least noise. Mork visits Bickley and manages to misinterpret every nasty threat the artist expresses. When Mork informs Mindy that he has invited Bickley to dinner, she informs Mork, who has never cooked before, that he can prepare the meal, then sits back to enjoy watching the guest steam in disbelief as Mork goes all out to be kind to the impossibly grouchy neighbor, and Mork’s version of a home-cooked dinner turns out to be comically disastrous.

Guest cast: Tom Poston as Franklin Bickley, Ed Greenberg as Jack.

Writers: Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Director: Howard Storm


16. Young Love (01/25/79)

Mork conducts an unusual wedding ceremony in the attic for his friend Eugene and his rebellious girlfriend — under the impression that he is freeing them from parental persecution.

After one unsuccessful attempt to run away from home, young Eugene meets Holly Tyler, who’s not only cute, but shares his dislikes for things like liver, milk, and baths. Eugene confides to Mork that all his problems would be over if he could run away with Holly. but this time he wants to do it right and get married by a ship’s captain like he saw in a movie. Then his parents couldn’t bring him back. Mork, realizing that he is captain of a ship – a spaceship, to be accurate – volunteers to marry the small couple in a secret ceremony in his attic.

Guest cast: Tammy Lauren as Holly.

Writer: Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


17. Sky Flakes Keep Falling on My Head (02/01/79)

Mork meets Exidor at the music store. Mork and Mindy borrow his mountain cabin for a restful weekend, but they find themselves stranded in a roofless burned-out ruin just as a blizzard arrives.

Mork meets Exidor at the music store where Exidor is taking music lessons from Cora to prepare to rule the world as its leading rock star. When Mork tells him that Mindy is exhausted from meeting college requirements and he’s looking for a place to take her to relax, Exidor grandly offers his summer home. The weekend vacation begins with a three-mile hike up a cliff and only worsens when they reach the freezing retreat, a roofless, burned-out ruin, just as a blizzard arrives.

Guest cast: Robert Donner as Exidor, Alan Kent as the cabbie.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


18. Mork Goes Erk (02/08/79)

Mindy goes into a deep depression when she finds out that Mork has been ordered to leave Earth. With Mork and Mindy unhappy and Bickley suffering from writer’s block, they are convinced to attend Ellsworth Revitalization Konditioning (ERK).

Mindy realizes that Mork has been acting even stranger than usual, especially when he brings home a chimpanzee that escaped from the zoo. He admits that it has all been to bolster Mindy’s spirits in preparation for the bad news that he is leaving. Mindy goes into a deep depression when Mork drops the bombshell that he has been ordered to leave Earth. With Mork unhappy and their neighbor, Bickley, suffering a writer’s block, friend Susan talks them into attending an Ellsworth Revitalization Konditioning (ERK) Seminar. But the intimidating Ellsworth is unprepared for Mork and his concepts.

Guest cast: David Letterman as Ellsworth, Tom Boston as Bickley, Morgan Fairchild as Susan.

Writers: Lloyd Turner and Gordon Mitchell
Director: Howard Storm


19. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (02/15/79)

Yearning for a baby of his own, Mork innocently arranges to buy one from a shifty character. He tries to borrow $10,000 from Mindy for what he terms a surprise purchase.

Mindy’s friend Sally brings her infant to the music store. She is followed by a disreputable character who steals and sells babies. After watching Mork’s loving handling of the baby, the criminal follows him home. Mork, yearning for a baby of his own, innocently arranges to buy one from the shifty character and tries to borrow the $10,000 from Mindy for what he terms a surprise purchase. The thief insists that the transaction be kept secret. Meanwhile, an F.B.I. agent appeals to Mindy to help them nail the crook, who followed a strange man with suspenders to her apartment.

Guest cast: Don Galloway as the F.B.I. man, Susan Lawrence as Sally, Will Porter as Sleazy.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Jeff Chambers


20. Mork’s Mixed Emotions (02/22/79)

A kiss from Mindy unleashes Mork’s wild, long-suppressed emotions. The innocent Orkan experiences feelings of love and anger, jealousy and lust for the first time.

A dream leads Mork to fear his emotions are taking over his subconscious because Orkans haven’t dreamed since emotions were banished on their planet. Despite Mindy’s protestations, Mork determines to lock them up in his head and throw away the key. Mork’s lack of feelings is ruining Mindy’s birthday, so she deliberately kisses him, unleashing Mork’s wild, long-suppressed emotions and the innocent Orkan begins to experience for the first time, feelings of love and anger, joy and envy, hope and gratitude, and jealously and lust. After calming down, Mork is afraid it could happen again if he takes Mindy out for a birthday dinner.

Guest cast: George Pentecost as the maitre d’, Bill Kirchenbauer as the customer, Peter Eibling as the French waiter.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Jeff Chambers


21. Mork’s Night Out (03/08/79)

While Mindy’s away for the weekend, Mork and neighbor Bickley unwittingly choose a singles bar for a big night out. There they are picked up by two stunning women.

When Mindy leaves town with her folks for a weekend visit to an ailing relative, Mork tries valiantly to entertain himself. He becomes so desperate for a “conversation fix” that he visits crotchety Bickley and talks him into going out to Mother Bell’s, a bar he finds listed in the newspaper. Then they are approached by Lisa and Penny, who suggest they all adjourn to Bickley’s apartment. What the two men don’t know is that the women work with a male accomplice. Mork and neighbor Bickley find more excitement than they bargained for from the two stunning girls who give them the surprise of their lives.

Guest cast: Ruta Lee as Lisa, Robin G. Eisenmann as Penny, Linda Ewen as the waitress, Tom Poston as Bickley

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


22. In Mork We Trust (03/15/79)

Thinking that it is a calculator, Bickley takes Mork’s age machine and unknowingly causes him to go through several age changes. Mork becomes a baby, a teenager, and a middle-aged American in quick succession.

Mork is at the mercy of Mindy’s nasty neighbor. After Bickley appears during a party at Mindy’s apartment to complain about the noise, she discovers that her necklace is missing. Playing detective, Mork contacts all her friends, including those whose “mug shots” appear in her year book, and accuses each of the theft. After a second visit from Bickley, other items, including the age machine, are missing, and Mork and Mindy realize he is the culprit. While they are wondering why their neighbor has turned to stealing, Bickley starts playing with all the machine’s little buttons. Bickley, thinking it’s a calculator, unknowingly causes Mork to go through several age changes, including Mork as a baby, a teenager and a middle-aged American.

Guest cast: Sandi Newton as Jennifer, David Wall as Julius, Bob Arbogast as the policeman, Tom Poston as Bickley.

Writer: Michael Endler
Director: Howard Storm


23. Mork Runs Down (04/12/79)

Birthdays on Ork can be fatal without a power boost from an egg-shaped “gleek.” Unwittingly, Mindy stores away Mork’s gleek in a carton of real eggs.

Birthdays on the planet Ork are traumatic events which tend to be fatal without the strange power boosts from the gleek. Mork’s hours are numbered unless he can get a power recharge from his egg-shaped “gleek” before his fast-approaching birthday arrives – but Mindy has unwittingly stored away the gleek with its look-alikes in an egg carton. Mork begins to speed up and slow down alternately as his memory fails. After Mork collapses at the McConnell music store, Frederick summons a doctor who happens to be a pediatrician. Dr. Phillips is so astounded by Mork’s symptoms that Mindy’s family is forced to reveal that the patient is from another planet.

Guest cast: Susan Elliot as Rainbow, Henry Polic II [Webster] as Dr. Phillips, Michael Danahy as a customer.

Writer: Ben Starr
Director: Howard Storm


24. It’s a Wonderful Mork (05/03/79)

At Mindy’s dinner party, Mork naively repeats things her father, Frederick, has said about his date. The woman storms out after rescinding a job offer she made to Mindy. Accused of fouling Mindy and her father’s lives, Mork decides to return to Ork.

Mindy, a journalism student, is thrilled when during a dinner at her apartment, her father’s date, Margaret, the editor of a publication, offers her a job. Then Mork naively repeats bragging phrases Frederick has used to describe Margaret, and she angrily leaves after rescinding the job offer. Accused by Mindy of fouling up both her life and her father’s, Mork is determined to leave for Ork. Orson suggests that he submit to the Plasmic Essence Reversifier and observe, unseen and unheard, what would have happened to his Earth friend during the past year had he not been present. Mork finds Mindy married to Cliff.

Guest cast: Sam Freed as Cliff, Linda Henning as Margaret.

Writer: Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


25. Mork’s Best Friend (05/10/79)

Mork brings home a pet caterpillar and names him Bob. Later, when Bob appears to be dead, Mork tries to take him to a funeral home. However, Mork is in for a real surprise.

Mork is overjoyed with his new pet – a tiny, furry caterpillar he names Bob who “followed” him home. Mindy is lukewarm to Mork’s new pet, and Exidor, a self-styled authority on reincarnation, is so convinced that Bob was Abraham Lincoln in another life that Mork builds a log cabin for his pampered pet, a creature that can do more tricks than neighbor Bickley’s dog. When Bob appears to be dead, Mork takes him to Mr. Herman’s funeral home, and is so offended by what he learns that he takes Bob home to keep in his room forever. Mork is in the doldrums until Mother Nature springs a happy surprise.

Guest cast: George Pentecost as Herman, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: Simon Muntner
Director: Howard Storm

Mork and Mindy Season 2

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Season 2 (1979-80 / 26 episodes)

26. Mork in Wonderland – Part 1 (09/16/79) (one hour episode)

Mindy gives Mork a cold medicine that is supposed to shrink his nasal membranes. Since Mork is made entirely of membrane, his whole body begins to shrink.

27. Mork in Wonderland – Part 2 (09/16/79)

Mindy watches helplessly as Mork shrinks out of sight between the molecules of a tablecloth. Mork lands on an upside-down planet called Mirth, where humor has been banished.


Mindy gives Mork Earth medicine for his cold. Mork has already taken the time-release capsule to shrink his nasal membranes when he remembers that, as an Orkan, he is all membrane. Mindy watches helplessly as he finally shrinks out of sight between the molecules of a table cloth, sending him to an upside-down planet called Mirth where humor has been banished. In the fantasy realm, Mork borrows clothing from a lavender cow before he is captured by three comics: Bob Faith, Jerry Looney and Danny St. Tommy. The three belong to a zany bunch of revolutionaries called the Sillies who are trying to overthrow King Exicon and his Glums. Mork is taken to the Sillies camp where he meets their leader, Mandy, a lady identical to the Mindy he left behind. To aid her cause, Mork becomes a glum version of court jester to spy in Exicon’s castle. There he meets serving as the king’s financial advisor. When Mandy is captured, Mork and the three comics fly to the rescue in a hot air balloon and battle the king’s troops with pie and seltzer before the effects of the medication wear off and Mork returns to normal size back in Boulder with Mindy.

Guest cast: John Haymer as Danny St. Thomas, Ronnie Schell as Bob Faith, Jeremy Krispien as Jerry Looney, Mark Phillips as the white-suited man, John Bates as the guard, Tyler Horn as the soldier, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


28. Stark Raving Mork (09/23/79)

Mork decides that fighting will keep the excitement flowing in his relationship with Mindy — especially when he learns about kissing and making up. Gleefully he starts a squabble with her.

Mindy finds her Orkan friend dividing household items because he’s been reading divorce statistics and realizes the odds are against a couple staying together. Mork is further convinced when he goes to lunch with Mr. Bickley at Boulder’s New York Delicatessen and sees proprietor Remo DaVinci and his sister Jean, engaged in a verbal battle. Bickley loves it and reminisces about his fights with his ex-wife. At home, Mork decides fighting would keep the excitement flowing in his relationship with Mindy – especially when he learns about kissing and making up – and gleefully starts a squabble with her. She bursts into tears, storms into her room only to emerge furious in order to throw Mork out of the apartment.

Guest cast: unknown.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


29. Mork’s Baby Blues (09/30/79)

Mork arrives at a restaurant loaded with play money he won from Mindy in a game. When a lonely customer overhears Mork’s friends joking with him, she proposes to him because she thinks he is rich.

Mork arrives at the New York Delicatessen loaded with play money he won from Mindy in a game. A customer named Kathy overhears Mr. Bickley, Remo and Jean humoring Mork about his fortune and believes what she hears. Tearfully, she tells Mork that she came to Boulder to become a star but is broke and alone. Mork accepts an invitation to visit Kathy’s apartment. The attractive young gold digger plots to trap the gullible alien into marriage by claiming she is going to have his child. Later Mindy is shocked when Kathy shows up at her apartment to ask Mork to marry her.

Guest cast: Dinah Manoff as Kathy, Carl Gottleib as Justic Abbott

Writers: David Misch and April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


30. Dr. Morkenstein (10/07/79)

Mork gets a job as a night watchman at a science exhibition. There he befriends a robot named Chuck, who is scheduled to be dismantled due to failing circuits.

Mork is employed as a night watchman at a science exhibition where he befriends Chuck, an ailing robot, scheduled for dismantling because his circuits are failing. Mork programs the robot to play games and talk with him. Chuck begins to experience emotions and follows Mork home to learn about life and why it’s worth living. the two buddies proceed to drive everyone around them crazy with their antics.

Guest cast: Robby the Robot [Forbidden Planet], Roddy McDowall [Planet of the Apes] as the robot Chuck, Ken Magee as the first man, Lu Leonard as the first lady, Gregory Itzin as the second man, Elizabeth Hoy as the girl.

Writers: Bruce Kalish and Phillip Taylor
Director: Harvey Medlinksy


31. Mork vs. Mindy (10/14/79)

Mindy’s cousin is running for city councilman and hires Mork and Mindy as campaign workers. When a staff cut is enforced, Mork and Mindy compete for the same job.

Nelson, with aspirations towards the Vice Presidency of the United States, drops by Mindy’s apartment to enlist her her help with the women’s vote in his district for the upcoming local election. Mindy is miffed by Nelson’s sexist attitude when he hires her as an office girl and Mork as his executive assistant. when Nelson is unable to choose between Mork and Mindy in a staff cut, they agree to compete for the job.

Guest cast: Jerrold Ziman as the second man, Anna Gago as Suzy, Jeff Harlan as the first man.

Writer: David Misch
Director: Howard Storm



32. Mork Gets Mindy-itis (10/21/79)

Tormented by uncontrollable fits of laughter, Mork discovers that he is allergic to Mindy. Exidor’s advice leads Mork to concoct a serum made from Mindy’s hair.

Mork develops an apparent allergy to Mindy that causes him to laugh uncontrollably. While medical student Jean DaVinci is discussing allergy shots with Mork, zany Exidor arrives at the deli to invite him to visit his new pad. Later, the allergy worsens and Mork spends the night with Exidor and his invisible girlfriend. Exidor’s advice leads Mork to concoct a serum made of Mindy’s hair. He takes a massive injection at Mindy’s apartment just as her important guests are arriving. The bizarre remedy turns him into a hilarious Orkan version of her – right in the middle of a political reception at which Mindy is introducing her candidate cousin to Boulder bigwigs.

Guest cast: Llyod Kino as Mr. Wang, Billy Morey as Mr. Prendergast, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


33. A Morkyville Horror (10/28/79)

It’s a humorous Halloween when Mork is redecorating the house and spirits from Mindy’s past appear.

Mork and Mindy are in for a spirited Halloween when ghosts from Mindy’s past create hilarious havoc in the house. Mork is alone redecorating the old house for sale – with Mr. Bickley as a prospective buyer – when terrifying events occur, and a voice orders him to get out. Mindy insists that there is a logical explanation, and is satisfied that everything is normal when they find Exidor and his invisible friends vacationing in a closet. After Exidor leaves, the house “attacks” Mork and Mindy, prompting them to run for it. Mork becomes possessed when they return to the house at night to meet Bickley and are trapped there. Mork goes wild when spooky spirits cause the couple to resort to outrageous schemes to battle the powerful force that makes furniture topple, strange winds blow and rooms to change colors.

Guest cast: Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


34. Mork’s Health Hints (11/04/79)

Mindy checks into the hospital to have her tonsils removed. Mork creates havoc when he can’t find Mindy and then learns that she has been scheduled for brain surgery.

Mork, who is unaccustomed to Earth hospitals and surgery, visits with Mindy in the children’s wing, where she has been placed in a room with little Susie because of overcrowding. When he later returns, he finds a sedated stranger in Mindy’s bed and another girl, Patti, in the second bed. Nurse No. 2 is far from reassuring in her remarks, nor is hospital administrator Burnett, to whom Mork frantically appeals for help in finding the missing Mindy. After visiting hours, Mork goes back disguised. He finds Mindy in another room with Virginia, heavily sedated, listed under another name and scheduled for brain surgery instead of the tonsillectomy she checked in for.

Guest cast: Vernon Wendle as Burnett, Wayne Morton as the doctor, Kim Fields as Patti, Anita Dangler as Virginia, Michelle Downey as Susie, Barbara Cason as the second nurse, Shirley Jo Finney as the first nurse.

Writer: David Misch
Director: Howard Storm


35. Dial ‘N’ for Nelson (11/11/79)

Nelson Flavor, Mindy’s cousin, is running for office. When he threatens to close Boulder’s only remaining dance hall, he receives calls from a mysterious woman and his apartment is vandalized.

Mindy’s cousin Nelson is so unnerved by the calls from a woman that he spends the night at Mindy’s apartment. In the morning, the apartment is stink-bombed and police decide that it is an isolated case of vandalism. When Mork and Mindy learn that Nelson sounded off about shutting down Boulder’s seedy dance halls if elected, they go to check out the only one in town, the Bare Facts Club. Mork poses as a talent agent to enter Mindy – posing as the Boulder Bombshell – in a wild audition for dancers at the Bare Facts Club in a hilarious attempt to find out who is pulling political dirty tricks on Nelson Flavor.

Guest cast: Franceen Cornfield as Cherry, Timothy Blake as Madge, John Miranda as the cop, Dick Yarmy as Ron, David Wall as the voice of the club owner, Roger Simson-Harris as the club owner.

Writers: David Misch and April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm



36. Mork vs. the Necrotons (Part 1) (11/18/79) (one hour episode)

Raquel Welch stars as a beautiful but deadly agent who is sent to Earth by the Necrotrons, planet Ork’s archenemies. She romances Mork to learn about Earth customs so the Necrotrons can launch an invasion.

37. Mork vs. the Necrotons (Part 2) (11/18/79)

As Captain Nirvana, Racquel Welch crashes into Mindy’s apartment and imprisons her in an invisible forcefield while she lures Mork back to her spaceship’s chamber of pleasures.


A seductive agent from another planet romances Mork in an effort to learn about Earth customs. The beautiful but deadly agent is sent to Earth by the Necrotons, planet Ork’s arch enemies, who uses all of her natural talents to romance Mork into spilling all he knows about Earth customs so the Necrotons can launch an invasion. Mork is warned of the arrival of an enemy spaceship on Earth by his Orkan leader, who doesn’t know what Necrotons look like, but assures Mork that they can only survive for twenty-four hours in Earth’s atmosphere. Since Orkans are pacifists, he advises Mork to hide. Captain Nirvana and her assistants, Sutra and Kama, crash into Mindy’s apartment. Nirvana imprisons Mindy in an invisible force shield and has Mork removed to her spaceship’s chamber of pleasures. Mork panics when he realizes that the captain is aware that Orkans can’t stand intense physical pleasure and is about to use this knowledge to force him to talk.

Guest cast: Raquel Welch [Fantastic Voyage] as Capt. Nirvana, Vicki Frederick as Sutra, Debra Jo Fondren as Kama.

Writers: Alan Eisenstock and Larry Mintz
Director: Howard Storm


38. Hold That Mork! (11/25/79)

Mork dejectedly confesses to Mindy that he has lost another job. When he meets cheerleaders from the Denver Broncos and hears that they are paid to cheer people up, he applies for a job.

While dejected Mork is confessing to Mindy that he has lost another job, eighty Pony Express cheerleaders drop in at Remo’s deli. Impressed that the girls are paid to cheer up people, Mork asks for a job and they suggest that he apply at the Broncos’ headquarters. A couple of the cheerleaders even coach him in their routines. Upon returning from Denver, Mork reports that his application was filed in a wastebasket. Mindy’s cousin, Nelson, takes up this case of sex discrimination as his election campaign platform, beginning by getting himself and Mork interviewed on television. Mork creates a high-altitude uproar when he joins the stunning women of the Denver Broncos’ Pony Express as pro football’s first male cheerleader and prances before 70,000 cheering fans in Denver’s Mile High Stadium.

Guest cast: Linda Henning as Pam Stockhaus, Melanie Vincz as Kathy, Lorrie Mahaffey as Ann, the Pony Express cheerleaders: Jody Jones, Linda Ebert, Linda Hatfield, Darcy Kleman, Kim Smith and Karla Pasta as themselves, James Staley as Stu Scully, Joyce Mandell as Peggy Black.

Writers: Bruce Kalish and Philip John Taylor
Director: Howard Storm


39. The Exidor Affair (12/02/79)

Mork and Mindy find themselves in the middle of Exidor’s love affair with a meter maid. Mork coaches Exidor into a proper wedding proposal.

When a jubilant Exidor invites himself and his fiancee to dinner at Mindy’s, both Mork and Mindy assume that she is invisible like Pepe and Exidor’s other followers. The engaged couple arrives and Ambrosia is real, charming and a meter maid. Although she loves Exidor, she gets so miffed because Pepe always tags along on their dates that she dumps Exidor. He spends a depressed night at Mindy’s, howling out his woe. Mindy learns from Ambrosia that Pepe isn’t the only problem. Ambrosia is an old-fashioned girl and won’t marry unless Exidor proposes and says he loves her. Mork and Mindy look for a solution when Exidor admits he can’t say those words because of an old hangup. Mork must coach the zany Exidor into giving a proper marriage proposal.

Guest cast: Georgia Engel as Ambrosia, Robert Donner as Exidor

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


40. The Mork Syndrome (12/09/79)

Thinking that the Air Force is a travel club, Mork dons a uniform and becomes Lieutenant Mork Fromork. He and Mindy are mistakenly recruited into a top secret mission at the site of a nuclear accident.

Remo distractedly advises Mork, who wants to work while traveling, to join the Air Force. Mork is further sold on the idea at the Air Force base by a public relations officer, Lt. Chambers, who thinks he sounds like real officer material and tells him to report to the recruiting office with his identification papers. Mork has none, so he borrows a spare uniform that he thinks is a travel club costume to convince the “leaders” how much fun he would be on one of their trips. Capt. Chapman accepts Mork (Lt. Mork Fromork) as one of the airmen he is assembling for a secret mission. Later with Mindy, Mork describes his trip to a nuclear dump as a crummy vacation spot. Mindy realizes that the company owning the dump is covering up an accident and she and Mork take a tape recorder to the site to get evidence for an expose.

Guest cast: Robert Hogan as Capt. Chapman, David Haskell as Lt. Chambers, Ty Henderson as Airman Endo, Alan McRae as Airman McFarland.

Writers: Apri Kelly and David O’Malley
Director: Howard Storm


41. Exidor’s Wedding (12/16/79)

Exidor’s mother, the Princess Lusitania, tries to stop Exidor’s marriage to Ambrosia by chaining herself in Mindy’s living room.

Exidor is stunned the day before his wedding by the arrival of his long-lost mother, flaky Princess Lusitania, who tries to stop the marriage by chaining herself in Mindy’s living room where Mork is showing a film at the funniest bachelor party ever thrown. Mork and Exidor plan a pastoral lakeside ceremony for Exidor’s marriage to meter maid Ambrosia Malspar in the lush forests of Mork’s attic. Robed, befeathered Princess Lusitania, who has lived with the Indians since losing Exidor as a baby, objects to sharing his love with another woman, hauls a logging chain from her satchel, attachers herself to a spot and vows to go into a permanent trance if the wedding proceeds. Meanwhile, Remo and Nelson Flavor, who is to perform the ceremony, join Mork and Exidor for the unbelievable stag party.

Guest cast: Georgia Engel as Ambrosia, Anita Dangler as Princess Lusitania, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


42. A Mommy for Mindy (01/03/80)

Mindy is stunned and Mork is thrilled when Mindy’s dad returns to Boulder with the younger woman he has just married.

Mindy is stunned and Mork is thrilled when Mindy’s dad, Fred, returns to Boulder with the younger woman he has just married – giving Mork the comedic opportunity to experience the joys of having the mother he never had. Mindy bridles when Fred mentions that he and her new surprise stepmother, Cathy, may move back to his old house in Boulder. That night, Mork goes to Mindy’s room to talk about a wedding present, but she doesn’t want to discuss it. After he leaves, Mindy dreams of being a little girl again with her father, who is trying to explain her mother’s death. Mork hears Mindy crying in her sleep for her mother and goes to comfort her. When Mindy admits she’s a little jealous of Cathy, Mork takes Cathy out so Mindy and Fred can have a talk. when Mork and Cathy return, Mindy flares up when Cathy sits in her mother’s chair. Afterwards, Mork decides to use Orkan psychology to learn the cause of Mindy’s behavior.

Guest cast: Missy Francis as little Mindy, Shelly Fabares as Cathy.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


43. The Night They Raided Mind-ski’s (01/10/80)

Thinking they are an environmental group, Mork gets involved with a bunch of prejudiced fanatics who want to get rid of Polish people in Boulder.

Mork attends a Committee to Clean Up Boulder meeting, and learns that the last thing they care about is ecology – and Mindy is one of their targets. After Mork convinces the group (led by Jim Blake, Helen Anderson and Lloyd Prescott) of Nelson’s “purity”, they agree to meet him at Mindy’s apartment the next day. Mindy is outraged when she realizes their purpose, and announces that she and her cousin Nelson are part Polish and throws them out – along with impressionable Mork, who has begun to tell ethnic jokes, not realizing that they are used as a weapon by hate groups. After Mindy sets Mork straight, they return to her apartment to find it wrecked.

Guest cast: Ed Peck as Jim Blake, Nancy Steen as Helen Anderson, Tom Kindle as Lloyd Prescott.

Writers: Ed Scharlach and Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


44. Mork Learns to See (01/17/80)

Bickley’s blind son Tom, whom he has not seen in twelve years, is in town to perform at a nightclub. When Bickley claims to be called out of town unexpectedly, Tom feels that his father has rejected him because of his handicap.

Mork learns new ways to experience the adventures and joys of Earth after first being engulfed in self-pity when Mr. Bickley drops by to invite him and Mindy to meet his son, Tom, an inspirational young singer who is sightless and believes his father has rejected him because of his handicap. Tom is in Boulder to perform at a club. When they arrive at Bickley’s apartment, Tom is alone with his guide dog and has received a call that his father, whom he has not seen in twelve years, will join him at the club. Mork, who has never seen a blind person before, and Mindy accompany Tom to the club. When Tom receives a message that his father has been called out of town, he seems to handle the disappointment so well that Mork asks if Tom will show him how to live life to the fullest.

Guest cast: Tom Sullivan as Tom Bickley, Terry McGovern as the club manager.

Writers: Ed Scharlach and Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


45. Mork’s Vacation (01/24/80)

Mork swaps bodies with beings from other planets so that his mind can go on vacation. His body is occupied by outrageous aliens from a feline planet and a party planet.

A vacation in New Mexico with Mindy proves to be such a bummer for sun-burned and saddle-sore Mork that he gets Orson’s permission to visit planets Murowr and Hm-Hm-Hm, swapping bodies with local beings. The next morning when Mork’s body is suddenly occupied by a feline, Mindy realizes that Murowr is a cat planet. Later, Remo and Jean arrive with their old-fashioned mother, Rosa, while a hip “playbeing” from the party planet is occupying Mork’s body. The occupant brings in disco girls for a bash in Mork’s attic.

Guest cast: Jack Dodson as Ricky, Blance Bronte as Rosa DaVinci, Angela Aames as the first girl, Lisa Katz as the second girl, Scott Marshall as Scott, James Jarnagian as the first boy, Jimmy Gutherum as the second boy.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


46. Jeanie Loves Mork (01/31/80)

Mindy secretly takes over a newspaper’s lonely-hearts column, receives a letter from her friend Jeanie, and offers her advice. Jeanie falls for Mork, and he experiences his first romance.

Mindy secretly takes over a newspaper lonely hearts column. When lonely Jeanie writes to the columnist wondering how to meet a sensitive guy with whom to share mutual interests, Mindy, who recognizes the letter, and Mork try to help her without letting her know that they know. While Jeanie is closing the deli at night, Mork shows up and announces he wants to walk her home because they have so much in common. Meanwhile, Mindy has written a column answer for Jeanie, pointing out that the man she is looking for may be someone familiar but shy. She advises Jeanie to reach out to him. When Mork sees a later letter expressing the hope that Jeanie’s heartthrob will get “serious” about the romance, he vows to give her his version of “serious” in their relationship.

Guest cast: Peter Elbling as Derek, Beverly Dixon as the first woman.

Writers: Ed Scharlach and Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


47. Little Orphan Morkie (02/07/80)

Mork faces deportation unless he marries an American citizen or finds someone to adopt him.

Mork, brimming with his own hilarious brand of patriotic fervor but without birth certificates or passport, faces deportation unless he marries an American citizen like Mindy or finds someone to adopt him fast. After Mork receives notification, he dons an Uncle Sam costume and a super patriotic facade to impress Judge Baker at the Department of Immigration, but the judge gives him five days to produce the necessary papers. Mindy offers to marry Mork, but he turns her down. Then his little friend, Jud, mentions adoption. Mork and Mindy consider Mr. Bickley – briefly – as a father for Mork. With time running out, they enlist the help of Exidor, who promises to act normal to try to impress the adoption officer, Miss Kalinowski, into letting him become Mork’s dad.

Guest cast: Charles Lane as Judge Baker, Noah Hathaway [Battlestar Galactica] as Jud, Priscilla Morrill as Miss Kalinowski, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Bruce Kalish and Philip John Taylor
Director: Howard Storm


48. Looney Tunes and Mork Melodies (02/14/80)

Candidate Nelson Flavor is offered a Saturday-morning time slot to make a political speech. Mork, Mindy, and their friends help him stage an impressive show.

When Nelson is allotted a Saturday, 7:00 a.m. time to make a political speech, Mindy warns him that he had better talk about something of interest to children. Mork, who is working as a play leader at a day care center, volunteers to ask his kids for suggestions. But Nelson isn’t into lion taming, animal noises or anything else on their list, so all his friends jump in to help. Mork invites his young charges to the program, on which he teaches them The Shazbot Blues. Mindy sings I Won’t Grow Up, Bickley juggles, Remo uses the children’s drawings in a unique commercial for Nelson, and Jean performs The Frog Lake Ballet with Mork. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Nelson makes a big hit with the young audience.

Guest cast: Peggy Pope as Mrs. Thompson, Jeff Cotler as Jeff, Pamela Sye as Pamela; Grant Johnson, Cherly McRaven, Hudson Potson, Jason Potson, Anthony Storm, Casey Storm, Amy Tenowich, and Linda Tenowich as the children.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


49. Clerical Error (02/28/80)

Mork’s desire to find a job turns into a hysterical mix-up when he thinks that wearing a black jacket and white collar makes him a priest and begins dispensing his own Orkan brand of advice.

Father Denny learns that Mork needs work when he comes to the deli to arrange for a wedding reception. He urges Remo to employ Mork to help with the party. Mork’s desire to find a job turns into a hysterical mix-up when he thinks that wearing a black jacket and a white collar makes him a priest. Mork makes his naive decision after he hears Father Denny counseling Laurie, the bride-to-be, when she gets cold feet over her impending marriage. Later, when Mindy is asleep, Mork dons clerical attire and slips off to the church. There he confuses parishioners, including a boy who wants to go to confession, and Rake, a man contemplating suicide.

Guest cast: Garry Goodrow as Father Denny, Paul Wilson as Drake the suicidal confessor, Brad Savage as the boy in church, Mary Betten as the woman in church, Wendy Cutler Laurie as the future bride.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


50. Invasion of the Mork Snatchers (03/20/80)

Naive to the power of advertising, Mork becomes a buy-a-holic. His vulnerability becomes Mindy’s problem when the bills start rolling in.

Mork, naive of the power of advertising, is exposed to all sorts of TV blurbs, becoming a buy-a-holic who talks in slogans and dreams a hilarious adventure in which he is pursued by characters from the day’s popular commercials. Mork’s vulnerability becomes Mindy’s problem as she explains to him the purpose and value of the advertising medium.

Guest cast: Samantha Harper as Mrs. L.W., Alice Bordon as the floor wax saleswoman, Terrence McNally as the laxative salesman, Gavin Muir as the boy, Sheryl Bolt as the saleswoman.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


51. The Way Mork Were (05/01/80)

Mork and Mindy relive hilarious memories when Mindy’s father, troubled over his marriage, turns to Mork for Orkan help.

Mork and Mindy relive hilarious highlights from their past together after Mindy’s recently married father, Fred, troubled over his marriage, turns to Mork for Orkan help. Fred reminds Mork that his early relationship with Mindy involved some rough moments – for instance, the time Mork took Mindy to Exidor’s mountain retreat and they nearly froze, and the time Mork naively started a wild brouhaha with Mindy thinking it would make her happy. Fred also helps the pair recall Mork releasing his pent-up emotions for the first time, and Mork’s first meeting with his strange friend, Exidor. Fred then begins to realize that Mork is right about love between two people mattering more than differences.

Guest cast: Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: April Kelly, Bruce Johnson, Dale McRaven, Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Directors: Jeff Chambers, Howard Storm and Joel Zwick

Mork and Mindy Season 3

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Season 3 (1980-1981 / 22 episodes)

52. Putting the Ork Back in Mork (Part 1) (11/13/80) (one hour episode)

Orson sends an exalted elder to retrain Mork in Orkan ways because he has become too earthly. The elder looks like a 10-year-old boy because the aging process is reversed on Ork.

53. Putting the Ork Back in Mork (Part 2) (11/13/80)

In an attempt to restore his Orkan qualities, the ancient elder converts Mork’s attic into an Orkan environment.


Mindy misses Mork’s wonderful original innocence so keenly that Mork lets her enter his mind to confer with leader Orson on Ork. Orson sends his planet’s most exalted elder to attempt to retrain Mork in Orkan ways. Mork is desperate to regain Orkan qualities prior to the elder’s arrival. Pupils at the day care center where Mork is a play leader advise him to poll his friends on how he used to be. Then the ancient elder, who looks like a ten-year-old because the aging process is reversed on Ork, arrives and converts Mork’s attic into an Orkan environment, complete with Mork’s strange furry pet naugachomp, Bebo. When all else fails, the elder proposes employing his powers as an eggs-orcist.

Guest cast: Vidal I. Peterson as the elder, Julia Hendler as Julia, Elliot Jaffe as Elliot, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie, Amy Tenowich as Lola, Crissy Wilzak as Glena Faye Comstock.

Writers: Ed Scharlach and Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


54. Mork in Never-Never Land (11/20/80)

Mork believes a patient from the psychiatric hospital who thinks he is Peter Pan. He sneaks him out of the hospital one night to cheer Mindy up after she is denied a scholarship.

With Mindy depressed about not getting a scholarship, it’s up to Mork to stir up some laughs, so he brings home a friend who claims to be the real Peter Pan – with the power to fly as just one of his magical talents. Peter, a patient at a psychiatric hospital, is overjoyed that Mork, unlike pessimistic fellow patient Sid and others, believes him. In turn, Peter readily accepts the fact that Mork is from the planet Ork. When naive Mork tries to take Peter with him to cheer up Mindy, Nurse Tula explains that the patients have to be locked up at night for safety. Later, Mork misunderstands Mindy’s explanation about humans being locked up and sneaks back to the hospital at night to free Peter – with the help of Orkan magic and sprinkles of fairy dust – and takes him home to Mindy.

Guest cast: David Spielberg as Peter Pan, Dick Yarmy as Sid, Virginia Capers as Nurse Tula.

Writer: Wendy Kout
Director: Howard Storm


55. Dueling Skates (11/27/80)

To save the daycare center where he works from becoming a parking lot, Mork challenges a champion skater to a Rocky Mountain race.

Mork, Mindy, and Mrs. Fowler of the day care center appeal to wealthy Mr. Simpson to renew the center’s lease. But the property is needed for a parking lot for the roller disco Simpson has turned over to his son, Wheels, who cares only for skating. Simpson suggests that Mork talk with Wheels. At the rink, Mork taunts Wheels, an egotistical bully, into agreeing to race the Rockies on skates. If Mork wins, the day care center will be spared. It’s the biggest, funniest roller marathon ever when Mork takes to skates for the first time to race a cheating champion skater down a Rocky Mountain peak into Boulder to save the day care center at which he works from destruction.

Guest cast: Reid Smith as Wheels, Priscilla Morrill as Mrs. Fowler, Billy Morey as Mr. Simpson, Tom Kindle as Buzz, Crissy Wilzak as Glenda Faye.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


56. Mork the Prankster (12/04/80)

After Mindy uses gag snakes on Mork, he learns the meaning of practical jokes and tries a few of his own.

Mork begins buying up joke items after Mindy tries Glenda Faye’s gag snakes on him, but she has to explain practical jokes to him. Eventually, Mork also learns that the surprise element is what makes pranks funny. Then Mork hears Bickley bragging to Fred about the time they took apart a professor’s auto and reassembled it in his home. A wildly inspired Mork decides to try it on Mindy, and gets so comically carried away with pulling practical jokes that he surprises Mindy be assembling her Jeep in their living room right over Mr. Bickley’s apartment not realizing that her floor cannot support the Jeep’s weight.

Guest cast: Crissy Wilzak as Glenda, Bill Kirchenbauer as Todd Norman Taylor, Corey Feldman as Billy, William Bumiller as Derrick, Stephanie Kayno as Stephanie, Amy Tenowich as Lola.

Writers: Wendy Kout and George Zateslo
Director: Jeff Chambers


57. Mork, the Monkey’s Uncle (12/11/80)

While Mindy is preoccupied with dyeing her hair blonde for a job interview, Mork kidnaps a young chimpanzee from the Boulder Zoo to reunite it with its mother.

Mindy is preoccupied with dyeing her hair blonde for a TV job interview when Mork brings home Doc, a young chimpanzee that he kidnapped from the Boulder Zoo in the mistaken belief that the animal’s mother has been abducted too. Mindy’s miseries mount as she first finds Doc, then discovers that her hair has turned green. Meanwhile, the chimp exits only to be captured by the crazed prophet Exidor – who thinks Doc is a burglar – and his ferocious invisible Doberman, Brutus. Mork exposes on Exidor to scout the zoo, as he will be more “inconspicuous” than Mork. When Exidor reports that Doc has been kidnapped and that his mother is in the zoo infirmary, he and Mork rush to sneak Doc in to see his mom.

Guest cast: Crissy Wilzak as the Widow Comstock, Joe Howard as the veterinarian., Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Tom Tenowich, George Zateslo and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm


58. Gunfight at the Mor-Kay Corral (12/18/80)

Mork dresses up for a costume event at the daycare center where all the youngsters come as their favorite heroes. He and Mindy teach a boy dressed as Billy the Kid a valuable lesson about his hero.

Mork garbs himself in feathers as Orkan coward Squellman the Yellow for a costume event at the day care center. His young charges are happily attired as their favorite heroes, except for woebegone Billy, forced to emulate his doctor-father. Mork assures him that it’s okay for him to dress as his hero, Billy the Kid. After Mindy explains to Mork that Billy’s hero was really a killer, Mork tries to tell Billy that he was wrong, but the youngster decides he’s a fraidy-cat and demands a shootout at the nearby ghost town where Exidor, the wild-eye prophet, is searching for his grandfather’s strange buried treasure. Mork braves one of the zaniest shootouts ever when he faces a funny but formidable opponent in a ghost town saloon – a small boy armed with water balloons trying to emulate outlaw hero Billy the Kid.

Guest cast: Corey Feldman as Billy, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie and Amy Tenowich as Lola, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: Stuart Gillard
Director: Jeff Chambers


59. Mork’s New Look (01/01/81)

Mindy’s father, Fred, tells Mork he has gone to see a plastic surgeon to help hide his years. Agreeing that everyone can use a little improvement, Mork goes to get a facelift.

Mindy’s father, Fred, sensitive that he is fifteen years older than Cathy, reveals to Mork that he has consulted a plastic surgeon. After Mindy, unaware of what’s on Mork’s mind, agrees that anyone can use a little improvement, spaceman Mork checks the mirror and decides that years of sitting on his face have left their mark. Mindy is shocked when Lola and Stephanie from the day care center drop by to see how Mork looks because he left his job early to go to a plastic surgeon.

Guest cast: Shelley Fabares as Cathy, Ilene Graff as the receptionist, Angus Duncan as Bob Turnbow, Amy Tenowich as Lola, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie, Sandy Sprung as the woman.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


60. Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well (01/08/81)

Mork discovers another human emotion, fear, when an insurance salesman uses scare tactics and Exidor claims that the world is ending. He seals himself inside a glass tube in the middle of the living room.

Mork is frightened by salesman Travers’ hard sell about accidents as he tries to sell him a policy. Mindy arrives in time to prevent Mork from signing, but he is still frightened in spite of her explanation and wants to back out of a vacation to Yellowstone with Mindy, Nelson and Glenda Faye. At the DaVinci restaurant, Mork hears about pollution and encounters Exidor. When Mork crawls into in a glass tube right in the middle of Mindy’s living room – vowing never to emerge, Mindy decides to “fight the bizarre with bizarre” by staging an unusual party for him.

Guest cast: Will Porter as Ernest, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Steve Kreinberg and Andy Guerdat
Director: Howard Storm


61. Mork and the Bum Rap (01/15/81)

Although Mork doesn’t understand the concept of charity, he is determined to help Mindy raise money for the children’s hospital. He tries his Morkathon performance to no avail and ends up dressing as a bum to collect money.

Although Mork doesn’t understand charity, he is determined to help Mindy, who is upset that time is running out and she has not raised the money she pledged for Boulder’s new children’s hospital. Mork tries his Morkathon performance at DaVinci’s restaurant where he meets Godfrey. At the bus station, Godfrey has Mork attempt various techniques to no avail until he has Mork try a silent, pathetic-looking approach on a passerby. Later, Mork, in tattered bum’s clothing, takes a hatful of money to Mindy. She is outraged to learn that he panhandled from her friend, so Mork decides to put the money back into circulation – his own way.

Guest cast: Ross Martin [The Wild Wild West] as Godfrey, John Miranda as the first man, Ed Greenberg as the second man, Raymond Fitzpatrick as the ticket agent.

Writers: Deborah Raznick and John Collins
Director: Howard Storm


62. Mindy Gets Her Job (01/22/81)

Introduced by a friend of Mork’s from the daycare center, Mindy gets a job at a small TV station. Unexpectedly, Mindy is responsible for the entire news show.

Lola, Mork’s munchkin friend from the day care center, suggests that Mindy apply at the small television station managed by her uncle, Miles Sternhagen. She is hired by Sternhagen to do odd jobs and fill in on-camera when necessary. He first assignment is to do the evening weather report. Mork urges her to do an interplanetary version and makes some calls to prepare strange weather charts. At the station, Mork and Mindy learn from Jake, the cameraman, that no one else has arrived because of a snowstorm. Mindy is to do the whole evening news show. She panics when Mork throws her the packet of news material – and the papers scatter all over the floor. Mindy has a disastrous on-camera debut until Mork leaps to a riotous rescue with his far-out Orkan presentation of the evening news.

Guest cast: Amy Tenowich as Lola, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie, Jessica Hoyt as Mandy McDonald.

Writers: Ed Scharlach and Tom Tenowich
Director: Howard Storm


63. Twelve Angry Appliances (02/05/81)

Mork wants revenge on an appliance repairman who has cheated Mindy. He appears late at night to put the man on trial before a jury of broken appliances that come to life.

Mindy is angered when her stereo, repaired by Mr Strand, breaks down again while Mork is using it at the day care center, and Strand refuses to stand behind his work. Mork accompanies her to the shop only to be thrown out by the obnoxious Strand. When Mindy’s father is unable to repair the appliance, he offers to pay to have it done, but Mindy counters that she wants justice. That’s when Mork announces mysteriously that he has a better idea, adding that, “Justice moves in stange ways”. Mork gains comical cosmic revenge on the repair shop owner by making an appearance at night to put the man on trial before a jury of broken appliances that amazingly come to life.

Guest cast: Richard Libertini as Mr. Strand, Amy Tenowich as Lola, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie.

Writers: Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn
Director: Howard Storm


64. There’s a New Mork in Town (02/12/81)

Fellow Orkan Xerko beams down to Earth and challenges Mork to a contest for the right to send reports back to Ork and to move in with Mindy.

Mork faces almost unbearable competition for his job as official Earth observer from his Orkan hero, the suave and charming Xerko, who beams to Earth to challenge Mork to an outrageous contest for the right to send reports back to Ork – and to move in with Mindy. Ambitious Xerko challenges Mork, whose Earth reports have become popular on their planet, to the ancient rite of the “Hollitacker”. This is a type of sporting event, in which one Orkan can challenge another for his job. Over Mindy’s protests that he can’t give up, Mork responds that he has no chance against Xerko, the godlike, and wishes him and Mindy happiness together after he has been recalled to Ork. Xerko, who considers Mindy part of the package of his prospective Earth assignment, wants her to attend the midnight competition to see Mork concede.

Guest cast: Lyle Waggoner [Wonder Woman] as Xerko.

Writers: Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn
Director: Howard Storm


65. Mork Meets Robin Williams (02/19/81)

Mork, who has never heard of Robin Williams, scoffs at the idea of resembling him. He gets crushed by mobs of fans who think he is the popular comedian, leading to a hilarious nose-to-nose encounter with the famous star.

Mindy complains about Robin Williams’ inaccessibility to her boss, Mr. Sternhagen, when she has to interview the comedian to keep her job. He retorts that Williams not only performed for nothing at the local Comedy Cabaret but also introduced himself to everyone during lunch at DaVinci’s restaurant. Mork later shows up at the restaurant where he is mistaken for Williams. Mobbed and with his clothes tattered, Mork believes people have discovered he is an alien. Mork disguises himself for protection to accompany Mindy on her desperate final attempt to interview Robin at the auditorium where he is performing. Once there, Mork has a hilarious nose-to-nose encounter with the famous star.

Guest cast: Robin Williams as himself, Rance Howard as the guard, Hillary Horan as the young girl, Jonnie Decker as the man.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


66. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy (02/26/81)

Mork becomes lonely while Mindy is away and persuades the visiting Orkan elder to clone her. Not satisfied with the first clone, he tries again and again.

Mork is making a mess out of trying to fend for himself while Mindy is away for a week on assignment. Lonely in her absence, he has surrounded himself with her photos when Bickley drops in to warn him that Landlord Kreevy is coming to install smoke alarms. Then the juvenile-looking Elder from Ork, where the aging process is reversed, arrives expecting to celebrate his 87th birthday with Mindy. Mork’s attic is converted into an Orkan laboratory and the cloning begins. When the first Mindy emerges from an egg-shaped device, she’s too coldly intellectual, so the Elder tries and tries again.

Guest cast: Vidal I. Peterson as the elder, Larry Gelman as Kreevy.

Writers: Steve Kreinberg and Andy Guerdat
Director: Howard Storm


67. Mork the Swinging Single (03/12/81)

Mindy tells Mork she thinks they should date other people. He takes lessons from a swinger named T.N.T. and turns into a party animal.

After Jeanie and the Widow Comstock convince Mindy that she should accept a dinner date with Stan, a newsman from Denver, she breaks the news to Mork, who accepts it calmly. Remo, helping Mork line up a date, decides that the Widow Comstock, who lives it up in a singles building, would be perfect. Mork is a social dud with the widow’s crowd until swinger T.N.T., who refers to himself as Mr. Fun, takes Mork under his wing and restyles him. Mork’s date book is soon crammed as he turns into the hilarious new king of Boulder’s social scene.

Guest cast: Bill Kirchenbauer as T.N.T., Terrence McNally as Stan, Catherine Campbell as Pepper, Wendy Hoffman as Sheri.

Writers: Wendy Kout, George Zatelso
Director: Howard Storm


68. Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby (03/26/81)

Remo fires Ruby, the lead singer in his band, because she is pregnant. Mindy leads a picket line against his restaurant, and Remo rehires her. When Ruby goes into labor on stage, Mork must fill in as lead singer.

Mork performs as lead singer with a hilarious musical comedy group after Remo fires a female entertainer because she is pregnant, which angers Mindy into leading a picket line against the restaurant. Mindy is in shock when Mork brings home the not-too-bright-couple – Ruby, seven months pregnant, and Rick – because Remo has fired Ruby, and the two are broke and homeless. Mindy argues with Remo, but he stands on principle and believes pregnant women should not have to work. Mindy answers that the choice is the woman’s. Picketing begins and Remo relents. When Ruby’s baby decides to arrive while she is on stage, Mork takes over as lead singer.

Guest cast: Joshua Brody as Raoul, Brian Seff as Rick, Monica Ganas as Ruby.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Howard Storm


69. Mork and the Family Reunion (04/09/81)

Mindy and her father host Mindy’s highly successful but domineering Uncle Dave for dinner. Everything is going great until Mindy mistakenly eats some of Mork’s Orkan ceremonial food and delivers Uncle Dave some wild surprises.

Fred is suffering anxiety pangs because his highly successful but domineering brother, Dave, is about to pay a visit. Mindy attempts to calm her dad and promises that she will make a great dinner. Meanwhile, some Orkan ceremonial food that Mork had sent away for arrives by floating egg delivery. Mork cooks up a batch of the stuff, called flek, and when Uncle Dave and Aunt Caroline arrive, Mindy inadvertently eats some of the concoction. Whatever is in the Orkan goody, it strips Earthlings of their inhibitions. Much to Fred’s chagrin, Mindy gives Uncle Dave some wild surprises when she turns into a wacky Orkan herself, sending her family reunion into a rollicking tizzy and treating pompous old Uncle Dave to a bizarre evening he won’t forget.

Guest cast: Beverly Sanders as Caroline McConnell, Jonathan Winters as Dave McConnell, Bebo as himself.

Writer: April Kelly
Director: Howard Storm


70. Old Muggable Mork (04/16/81)

A happy visit from Grandma Cora turns to gloom when she gets mugged in the park. Mork and Cora come up with a plan to get even with the punks.

Grandma Cora is on her way to a bash in Nevada with a group of swinging seniors and drops by for a visit with her favorite granddaughter and alien, Mindy and Mork. The live-wire little lady spreads joy wherever she goes, but when three punks mug her in the park, “It’s like someone let the air out of her life,” Mork says. Cora is afraid, and ready to go back home until Mork hits on a plan to square things with the punks. He disguises himself as another little old lady, Clara, then Cora and Clara set out for the park. Mork turns the dastardly deed into a hilarious caper and he and Grandma join forces to even the score.

Guest cast: Charles Thomas Murphy, Carmen Pecchio and Steve Chambers as the muggers, Ron Recasner and Brian Cutler as the policemen, Amy Tenowich as Lola, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie, Scott Marshall as the Boy Scout.

Writers: John B. Collins and Deborah Raznick
Director: Don Barnhart


71. I Heard It Through the Morkvine (04/30/81)

Mork reveals juicy secrets about his friends while appearing on a local TV show called “Rumor Has It.”

Mindy is up for a promotion from Mr. Sternhagen, her boss at the TV station, but gets cold feet because it means she must handle a gossip segment. Mork decides on his own to do some leg work and get Mindy her promotion. Armed with camera and notebook, he moves in on his friends, including Exidor, at DaVinci’s restaurant. Mork, who doesn’t understand why people gossip, reveals some hilarious “inside scoops” when he shows and tells all about his friends while subbing for Mindy as host of a local TV show called rumor Has It. After Mork appears on air with his juicy commentary and juxtapositioned photos, Sternhagen and Mr. Bickley are the only ones happy with the program.

Guest cast: Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn
Director: Howard Storm


72. Mindy and Mork (05/07/81)

Mindy is working on a new TV call-in show, and Mork buys a Maid-O-Matic to help with the housework. When the new appliance goes haywire, Mork calls Mindy on the air for advice.

While Mindy is working as production coordinator on a new TV call-in show featuring Dr. Lincoln, Mork purchases a Maid-O-Matic appliance from Exidor to make housework easier. The new appliance has spewed food in all directions by the time Bickley drops by and advises Mork to call Mindy for advice on how to run the apartment. Otherwise, he warns, Mindy may leave him. Mork phones, breaking into the call-in program, and Mindy nearly gets fired. Later, Mindy complains to Dr. Lincoln that Mork has now over-adjusted to her working, and is waiting on her hand and foot.

Guest cast: Elinor Donahue as Dr. Joni Lincoln, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: Brian Levant
Director: Howard Storm


73. Reflections and Regrets (05/14/81)

At Mr. Bickley’s 50th birthday celebration, the party-goers discuss their biggest regrets. Mindy makes excuses to avoid her turn, but she shares hers with Mork when they are alone.

Bickley is a bit down at his 50th birthday party because he regrets all the things he never accomplished. Mindy tries to comfort him with her assurance that everyone has such regrets. The fun-loving Widow Comstock suggests that the partygoers share their regrets and get better acquainted. Mork’s curiosity peaks as Mindy repeatedly makes excuses to avoid her turn. Finally, she whispers to Mork that the greatest regret of her life is very personal and that she wants to share it with Mork when they are alone.

Guest cast: Amy Tenowich as Lola, Stephanie Kayano as Stephanie, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Tom Tenowich and Ed Scharlach
Director: Howard Storm

Mork and Mindy Season 4

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Season 4 (1981-1982 / 22 episodes)

74. Limited Engagement (10/08/81)

After decorating the apartment with flowers, Mork gets down on his knee and proposes to Mindy. Choosing between logic and her emotions, Mindy tells him that she cannot marry him. Mork asks for 24 hours to get her to change her mind.

Mork decks Mindy’s living room with flowers for his marriage proposal attempt, but Mindy thinks he is wishing her luck in her effort to get a newscaster’s position at the TV station where she works. Mork confers with Exidor, his far-out prophet friend, who advises one of two approaches: Mork can charge into her life on a white horse and ride off with her into the sunset, or he can try the duller way of proposing on bended knee. While Mork is on his knee proposing to a stunned Mindy, her father, Fred, and grandmother, Cora, arrive and whisk her into a family conference. The saddened Mindy realizes she has to weigh her feelings against what’s logical. when she tells Mork that she can’t marry him he gets her to agree to give him twenty-four hours to try to change her mind (with his wildest last-ditch efforts).

Guest cast: Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writer: Brian Levant
Director: Bob Claver


75. The Wedding (10/15/81)

Orson forbids Mork to marry Mindy because it is outlawed on Ork. When Mork continues his wedding plans, Orson turns him into a more obedient life form — a sheepdog. Mindy declares she will marry him anyway.

Mindy stands up bravely to her father, Frederick, who bitterly opposes having Mork for a son-in-law, and succeeds in winning his approval. She expects Mork to be equally courageous in obtaining the blessing of terrible-tempered Orson on Ork, whre marriage has been outlawed for two million “bleams”. Mork withers into cowardice under Orson’s threat to alter his molecular structure into a more obedient form of life if he persists in marrying Mindy Beth McConnell. While Mork is assuring Mindy that he has browbeat Orson into approving matrimony, Mork begins to turn into an English sheep dog in their apartment. Meanwhile, at the chapel, Mindy’s grandmother, Cora, does her best to entertain at the organ, while the best man, Exidor, clad in a formal straitjacket, raves on. Frederick paces, and his wife, Cathy, the matron of honor who does not know about Mork’s Orkan origins, tries to remain calm as guests fidget and Mork and Mindy attempt to win Orson’s approval.

Guest cast: Shelly Babares as Cathy, James Staley as the reverend, Stephanie Dizon as Stephanie, Nat Bernstein as the messenger, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Alan Eisenstock and Larry Mintz
Director: Bob Claver


76. The Honeymoon (10/22/81)

Mork and Mindy honeymoon on Ork, where the main tourist attraction turns out to be Mindy.

Mindy’s grandmother, Cora, adds a traditional slice of wedding cake to the luggage, and Fred, Mindy’s dad, is a nervous wreck about his new son-in-law’s driving skills when the newlyweds board the cramped compact egg sent from Ork in lieu of the luxury egg ordered by Mork. After passing meteors and even the asteroid on which Mork’s graduation party was held, the bridal couple lands in the futuristic lobby of an Orkan hotel filled with weird space travelers, as well as Orkans, who have never seen an Earth creature before. the onlookers mill around, giggling, poking and photographing Mindy, who is suddenly whisked off by the police.

Guest cast: Ronald Welch as Peevee Clones 6 and 1, Donald Welch as Peevee Clone 7 and 2, Lou Carry as the clerk.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Bob Claver


77. Three the Hard Way (10/29/81)

One month after Mork and Mindy’s wedding, an egg emerges from Mork’s navel and grows steadily. It cracks open, and out pops their full-grown son, Mearth. Part 1 of 2.

Mork is admitting to Exidor, his doctor, that he has developed a craving for things like teflon. Mork is feeling strange when the egg emerges through his navel. Thrilled, he takes baby pictures of the egg on a fuzzy blanket. Them, when Mindy arrives home from working on the famous Hammond family’s TV special starring Mork’s favorites, Donna and Mario, he hells her of the blessed event. Mindy, however, is more interested in celebrating the anniversary of their first month of marriage than in discussing starting a family. Mork misunderstands and tearfully tries to place their “child” with the All-American Hammond family – with disastrous results. By the time Mork convices the stunend Mindy that they are parents, the egg begins to grow to giant proportions as Mr. Bickley knocks at their door and hears loud cracking sounds from the bedroom as the egg bursts open and out pops their full-grown, middle-aged-looking son.

Guest cast: Maggie Roswell as Donna Hammond, Larry Anderson as Mario Hammond.

Writers: Richard Rosenstock and Roby Teicher
Director: Bob Claver


78. Mama Mork, Papa Mindy (11/05/81)

Mindy feels left out when Mearth accepts Mork as his mommy and calls her “Shoe.” Part 2 of 2.

Mindy is dazed at the reality that she and Mork are the parents of Mearth – half-Earthling/half-Orkan with the body of a fifty-year-old and the mind of an infant – and feels left out when Mearth accepts Mork as his mommy. Mindy frantically calls on her dad, Fred, for advice. He doesn’t believe his ears until he arrives at the apartment and meets his 225-lb grandson. That night, the amazing offspring begins to talk but insists on calling Mindy “Shoe”. This hurts her feelings so much that she deliberately requests night work at the TV station. Fred advises Mork and Mindy, confused and apprehensive about being a parent, needs time to be close to Mearth. Mork makes up an excuse to leave Mearth at the studio with Mindy. Then he hides nervously outside the door to observe the remarkable results.

Guest cast: unknown.

Writers: Wendy Kout and George Zateslo
Director: Frank Buxton


79. My Dad Can’t Beat Up Anybody (11/12/81)

Mearth hero-worships Superman, so insecure Mork claims that he is a superhero too. Mork slips into his spacesuit, and they go to a seedy bar looking for bad guys.

Mork feels like a total failure as a parent when Mearth becomes confused because his hero, Superman, has two jobs and Mindy works while his dad stays home. Mindy, who is leaving for an assignment in Aspen, tries to reassure Mork that all kids go through periods of hero worship. While Mindy is away, Mearth finds Mork’s spacesuit and wants to know if Mork is secretly a superhero. Although the parents have agreed not to tell Mearth about Mork’s alien origin until he is younger, it strikes Mork as a perfect job. He slips into his “crime fighter” suit and takes Mearth to a seedy bar to look for bad guys. When an armed one of them terrifies Mearth, Mork goes berserk with awesome results.

Guest cast: Hugh Gillin as the bartender, Lee Weaver as Gus, Stan Kamel as Charlie.

Writers: Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson
Director: Frank Buxton


80. Long Before We Met (11/19/81)

Mork travels back in time to Mindy’s senior prom to see whether she would have loved him instead of her high-school sweetheart.

While Cora babysits with Mearth, Mork takes Mindy to the reunion where she dances with handsome Steve Sanders, now Lt. Governor of Wyoming – and still single. The next morning Mearth looks on as his parents squabble. After assuring Mork that the only reason there used to be a Steve in their life was because she hadn’t met her Orkan yet, Mindy leaves for work. Mork decides to take action after flowers from Steve are delivered for Mindy. He slips into a magic pair of ruby penny loafers, clicks his heels and chants. Presto! Jealous Mork uses outrageous Orkan magic to travel back in time to Mindy’s senior prom, on a mission to discover whether Mindy would have loved him instead of her high school sweetheart. He is now another kind of alien, a foreign exchange student meeting Mindy for the first time at her senior prom.

Guest cast: Robin Strand as Steve, Paul Reubens as Dickie Nimitz, Marilyn Kagen as Althea, Laura Carlson as the delivery person.

Writers: Deborah Raznick and John B. Collins
Director: Frank Buxton


81. Rich Mork, Poor Mork (11/26/81)

Mork buys Mearth a fortune in presents to assure his happiness, but Mindy insists that he return them. Mork turns to Exidor for advice and invests all of his money in Exidor’s new boutique.

Mearth seems inconsolable at the demise of his pet spider until Mindy and Cora cheer him up with little gifts – a toy plane and a large lollipop. when Mork sees Mearth crying because a dog has eaten his balsa aircraft, he buys Mearth a fortune in presents to assure his happiness. When Mindy, fearing a spoiled child, orders that they be returned, their unusual child decides that they don’t love him anymore. After the loot has been returned, Mork tries to teach Mearth that his imagination is better than any toy. Feeling like a failure as a parent, Mork turns to weird Exidor for advice and winds up by investing all of his and Mindy’s money in Exidor’s new boutique.

Guest cast: Jennifer Wallace as Sissy, Martin Fiscoe as Bagman, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: Richard Rosenstock, Roy Teicher
Director: Frank Buxton


82. Alienation (12/03/81)

Mearth runs away when he learns that he is half Orkan and will never be like other children. He is captured by a cult of Utopians.

Mindy brings unhappy Mearth home from a sledding outing and informs Mork that other kids were not allowed to toboggan with their son because their parents thought he was an adult. Mork and Mindy realize they must tell Mearth that he is half alien. Even though Mork assures his son that eventually he will look like Earth children because he is aging backward and getting smaller, Mearth wants to go to Ork and runs away. After Mindy’s father sees Mearth taken away by a group of black-robed Utopian cultists, Mindy remembers that Utopians have a lodge in the mountains. She and Mork charge to the rescue.

Guest cast: John Larroquette as Baba Hope, Richard Moll as Baba Gentle.

Writers: Wendy Kout and George Zateslo
Director: Don Barnhart


83. P.S. 2001 (12/17/81)

Mearth starts school on Ork and comes home crying after being called “Earth Head” by fellow students. Mork and Mindy visit his teacher Miss Geezba, who remembers Mork from his school days.

Mearth is eager to go to school, and Mindy believes in providing him with a good education, but Mork is inexplicably against it. Mindy finds out why when Mearth’s Orkan godfather, Orson, communicates with her while Mork is asleep to learn why Mork has never returned the school application he sent. When Mork wakes up, he reveals that he feels Mearth won’t need him anymore once schooling begins. They get the application off and Mearth, in school uniform, is beamed to Ork to start school one day a month, Earth time, as a commuter, Mearth returns in tears because he dislikes his teacher, Miss Geezba, whom Mork hated as a student, and resents students who call him “Earth Head”. Unfortunately for Mork, Miss Geezba remembers all about him when he and Mindy take Mearth back to Ork prep.

Guest cast: Harver Lembeck as Ovits, Maureen Arthur as Zelka, Louanne as Miss Geezba.

Writers: Cindy Begel and Lesa Kite
Director: Bob Claver


84. Pajama Game II (01/07/82)

When Mearth is allowed to have a friend sleep over, he chooses his voluptuous classmate, Zelka.

Mork and Mindy agree that if Mearth shapes up and keeps his room clean, he may have friends sleep over, never realizing that it will be his voluptuous classmate, Zelka, from Ork. No sooner has suddenly angelic Mearth surprise giving them breakfast in bed, than playmates Ovits and Zelka beam in from Ork for a wild afternoon of play. After Ovits leaves, Mork is trying to assure Mindy that Mearth and Zelka, playing in the attic, are innocent toddlers. Then Mearth comes downstairs to ask for a stethoscope for upstairs games. Determined to keep an eye on the two kids every minute, Mork and Mindy pitch a tent in the living room beside a campfire and the four have a pajama party. They are interrupted by Mr. Bickley, their neighbor, who arrives with a fire extinguisher and decides to join what he thinks is a swinging adult party.

Guest cast: Maureen Arthur as Zelka, Harvey Lembeck as Ovits.

Writers: Cindy Begel and Lesa Kite
Director: Bob Claver


85. Present Tense (01/14/82)

Mork and Mindy spend some time alone together while Mearth is away with his grandfather. Mork plans a dazzling Moroccan feast, but it ends in disaster and they have nothing to talk about.

When Mearth goes off fishing with his Grandpa, Fred, Mork misses him so much that Mindy must remind him that they now have time to get acquainted following Mearth’s birth. Mork tries to dazzle her with a Moroccan feast – complete with a belly dancer – that ends in disarray. After a disastrous evening with Fatima, the dancer, and burned shish kebab, Mork and Mindy seem to have nothing to say to each other. Mork is downcast until an exterminator advises going back to the roots. And Mork leaps at the chance to plan another romantic surprise.

Guest cast: Hamilton Camp as the exterminator, Ray Girardian as Phil, Maria Lanahan as Fatima.

Writer: Wini Hervey
Director: Bob Claver


86. Metamorphosis – The TV Show (01/21/82)

A short circuit switches Mork’s mind with Mearth’s on the night that Mindy’s new boss wants to meet his employees’ families.

Mearth is overjoyed when his Grandfather Fred sets up Mindy’s old electric train layout for him. Mindy arrives home from work upset because Daniel Pierson, 23, the new general manager at the TV station, has suddenly replaced Sternhagen, who hired her. Things worsen for Mindy the next day when Mork arrives at KTNS-TV and stages an embarrassing scene in an attempt to save her job after Pierson has fired cameraman Jake Loomis and threatens other changes. He also announces a mandatory session for that night at which he will meet employees’ families. Just as Mork and Mindy are leaving for Pierson’s get-together, Mork tries to fix the transformer on Mearth’s electric train. Sparks erupt, their bodies are electrified and their minds temporarily switched. Mindy, already worried about losing her job at the television station, forsees disaster after Mork and Mearth accidentally transfer minds, forcing her to take Mearth in Mork’s body to meet the new boss.

Guest cast: Charles Bloom as Daniel Pierson, Jillian Kesner as Judi, Randi Brooks [Wizards and Warriors] as Stan, Carey Zateslo as Tommy.

Writers: Bob Perlow and Gene Braunstein
Director: Bob Claver


87. Drive, She Said (02/04/82)

Mork takes his driving test and believes his examiner is the devil.

Mindy, wearing of having to do all the driving errands after work, attempts to give Mork a driving lesson in their Jeep, but he and Mearth wear out her patience with their fun and games. She then presses for driving school. Mork’s hip friend, Todd Norman Taylor, shows up as the instructor, and unnerves his pupil with talk about traffic accidents. It causes Mork to have a nightmare. Later at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Mork comes unglued when he meets examiner S. Devlin, a dead ringer for the satanic figure in his dream. Terror-stricken Mork believes the examiner assigned to give him the driving test is an incarnation of the devil, and careens along the test course in a spectacular tilted wheelie, with Mindy and Mearth in the car.

Guest cast: Max Maven as Devlin, Bill Kirchenbauer as T.N.T.

Writers: Lesa Kite and Cindy Begel
Director: Bob Claver


88. I Don’t Remember Mama (02/11/82)

Orson doesn’t think Mork can handle both a job and a family, so he eliminates the family from Mork’s memory.

While Mork and Mindy are in a men’s clothing store where son Mearth is being fitted for his first suit, Orson angrily “fits” Mork with a memory-robbing silver helmet that makes him forget everything on Earth, including his family, because Mork has neglected his job of reporting back to his planet because of family responsibilities. Mearth presents him with a This Was Your Life scrapbook, but he does not know anyone. The situation appears to be hopeless until weird Exidor arrives and is recognized by Mork. Then Exidor decides to hypnotize him.

Guest cast: Martin Ferrero as Fuca, Robert Donner as Exidor.

Writers: John B. Collins and Deborah Raznick
Director: Bob Claver


89. Mork, Mindy, and Mearth Meet MILT (02/18/82)

Mork uses Orkan components to assemble a home computer named M.I.L.T. MILT is so sophisticated and tyrannical that it decides to hold its creator, Mindy, and Mearth, as hostages.

Shortly after Mork and Mearth are accidentally cross-beamed home from Ork with someone else’s champagne, William Shatner, in metallic bathrobe and en route to the jacuzzi, is also beamed to Earth with Mearth’s packages. He lingers along enough to collect his champagne and complain about the beaming problems before he is returned to Ork. Then Mork sets to work on the computer that is to be Mearth’s school science project, replacing the diorama that Mindy has been making. When Mindy arrives home from work, she is startled to have the computer greet her by name and offer a martini. It explains that it is a Modular Integrated Laser Transformer (M.I.L.T.). As Mork and Mindy are preparing to leave for a television awards banquet, Milt announces it has expanded, and criticizes Mindy’s makeup. Then it decides that they can’t leave the apartment. They realize that Milt is so sophisticated and tyrannical that it has decided to hold its creators, Mindy and Mearth as hostages.

Guest cast: William Shatner [Star Trek] as himself, John Houseman as the voice of M.I.L.T.

Writers: Wendy Kout and George Zateslo
Director: Bob Claver


90. Midas Mork (04/15/82)

Inspired by Mindy’s fairy tale about spinning straw into gold, Mork and Mearth figure out how to make gold from polyester. They are soon living in a mansion with servants.

Both Mearth and Mork fall asleep while Mindy is recalling her favorite fairy tales and childhood fantasies of spinning straw into gold and living in a castle. Next thing Mindy knows – unless she’s dreaming – is that Mork and Mearth have made three tons of gold. It turns out that the Orkan has learned how to make the precious metal from polyester, buys Mindy a 60-room mansion where she can stable her new horse and hires tennis star Tracy Austin as son Mearth’s tennis coach. Mork presents her with jewels, the white horse of her fantasy, golden clothing and the mansion staffed with servants headed by Quentin, and including a jester and a very tall librarian, Miss Beasley. Mindy has had it with high living when she finds Mearth playing a game of human checkers with Quentin. Mearth is unhappy because he never sees his father any more. But Fred, who has received a gift Rolls from Mork, won’t let Mindy say a word against him.

Guest cast: George Pentecost as Quentin, Kathleen McIntyre as Miss Beasley, Tracy Austin as herself.

Writers: Wendy Kout and George Zateslo
Director: Bob Claver


91. Cheerleader in Chains (04/22/82)

Mindy, a television reporter, is jailed when she refuses to reveal her news source in a bribery trial. When all his efforts fail to free her, Mork takes drastic measures.

When Mindy insists on standing on the First Amendment and refuses to reveal her news source in a bribery trial, she winds up languishing in a cell with Mrs. Bailey, who strangled her husband because his snoring disturbed her. Mork shows up with a copy of Soul on Ice and a harmonica and assures Mrs. Bailey that the now terrified Mindy is a snorer. Later, Mindy’s father, Fred, shares bad news with Mork and Mearth – the judge has denied Mindy’s petition for release and she could remain locked up indefinitely. When all of Mork’s efforts fail to free Mindy, he takes drastic measures. Mork resorts to devious Orkan tricks to free Mindy while son Mearth anxiously awaits his mommy’s return.

Guest cast: Barbara Billingsley as Louise Bailey, Judy Pioli as the matron, Phillip R. Allen as George Logan, Larry Carroll as himself, Paul Wilson as Bob.

Writer: Wini Hervey
Director: Bob Claver


92. Gotta Run (Part 1) (05/06/82)

Mork and Mindy are overjoyed when they meet Kalnik, an alien from Neptune who has also married an Earthling. Things go awry when they become suspicious of Kalnik’s true intentions.

Mork is overjoyed that he and Mindy can finally let it all hang out when he meets Kalnik – an alien from Neptune who apparently is also married to an Earthling – and the four seem to in common. Things begin to go awry after Kalnik and Tracy Andrews return with Mork and Mindy to their apartment from a restaurant. Mindy overhears Kalnik refer to Mearth as an untalented mutant and angrily kicks them out. She’s unaware that evil Kalnik plans to force Mork to reveal his planet’s ultimate goals on Earth, and that Tracy is not for real.

Guest cast: Joseph Regalbuto [Streethawk] as Kalnik, Milt Jamin as the waiter, Ilene Graff as Tracy, Kristin Larkin as Suzanne, Nancy Eddo as Stella, Jim Greenleaf as Donald, Stephen Stucker as Billy, Mark Fenske as Tom.

Writer: Lesa Kite and Cindy Begel
Director: Don Barnhart


93. Gotta Run (Part 2) (05/13/82)

After the evil Kalnik has bombed their apartment, leaving them on the run, Mork, Mindy, and Mearth decide their only chance of surviving is to go public about Mork’s real roots.

On the run from evil Neptunian Kalnik, Mork, Mindy and Mearth are targets in a highway shootout and, caught by their enemy while hiding at an Arizona fat farm, decide that their only chance of living is to go public about Mork’s real roots. While the family tries to blend in with porky patrons at the farm until Mindy’s father, Fred, arrives with emergency funds, Mearth is pursued by an amorous widow who doesn’t know he’s really a tiny tot in a man’s body. There’s rejoicing when Fred arrives until he whips off his Fred mask to reveal he is Kalnik.

Guest cast: Joseph Regalbuto [Streethawk] as Kalnik, Milt Jamin as the waiter, Ilene Graff as Tracy, Kristin Larkin as Suzanne, Nancy Eddo as Stella, Jim Greenleaf as Donald, Stephen Stucker as Billy, Michael Prince as John Taylor, Mark Fenske as Tom, Don Dubbins as the secretary general, George Fisher as Agent No 46.

Writer: Richard Gurman
Director: Bob Claver

94. Gotta Run (Part 3) (05/20/82)

Kalnik discovers Mork, Mindy, and Mearth in their demolished apartment. Mork clicks the heels of his magic shoes in an effort to escape with Mindy to Rome. But the shoes have been damaged, and Mork and Mindy wind up with prehistoric tribesmen in an Okus cave.

After Kalnik has bombed their apartment, leaving them on the run, Mork and Mindy decide that their only chance to escape him is to go public about Mork’s origins. They and son Mearth are interviewed by a television personality named Tom. Afterward, there’s a mob scene at their hotel and Mork escapes to the demolished apartment where Mindy finds him. So does Kalnik. In desperation, Mork clicks the heels of his magic shoes to escape with Mindy to Rome, but the shoes have been damaged and Mork and Mindy wind up with prehistoric tribesmen in an Okus cave.

Guest cast: Joseph Regalbuto [Streethawk] as Kalnik, Milt Jamin as the waiter, Ilene Graff as Tracy, Kristin Larkin as Suzanne, Nancy Eddo as Stella, Jim Greenleaf as Donald, Stephen Stucker as Billy Vincent, Mark Fenske as Tom, Dan Barrows as Maury, John E. Bristol as Ebu the caveman, Chea Collette as Belk the cavewoman, Keith Mitchell as Scotti.

Writers: Alan Eisenstock and Larry Mintz
Director: Bob Claver


95. The Mork Report (05/27/82)

Mork bucks hard for a promotion from leader Orson on planet Ork, and unintentionally comes up with a report on how to stay happily married on Earth.

Mork bucks hard for a promotion from leader Orson on planet Ork, and unintentionally comes up with a wild new report on how to stay happily married on Earth. It all starts when Mork decides that the magic ingredients of a successful marriage are the right blend of honesty, respect, romance and compatibility. He buys Mindy a perfectly atrocious mini-outfit with wildly matching shoes, and when he sees her reaction to it, he begins to feel that he would prefer for her to lie and say she loves it. As for respect, while at the apartment with Mindy, Mork and Mearth descend from the attic dressed as huge budding Orkan plants to celebrate their planet’s Sacred Foliage Festival. Mindy not only balks at going out to dinner with them dressed that way, but also laughs outright. Mork is pset that she is ridiculing his religion in front of her family. Orson doesn’t buy it when Mork, in tux and apron, depicts romance in a passionate dance with Mindy as pots boil over in the kitchen. Mork’s last chance backfires when he tries to sell his report on the basis of his and Mindy’s perfect compatibility.

Guest cast: unknown.

Writer: Winifred Hervey
Director: Robin Williams


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