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Mork & Mindy Trivia:

    • This tv show was a spin-off of the 1974 series “Happy Days”. In episode #110 titled “My Favorite Orkan”, Mork was sent to Earth to kidnap Ritchie Cunningham and take him back to Ork. The series was so popular that Robin Williams had his own series starting the very next season! By the way, his appearance on “Happy Days” was only his 2nd tv appearance. He had previously been on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”. Also, Mork and Mindy was the second spin-off of “Happy Days”. “Laverne and Shirley” was the first.


    • Mork and Mindy both appeared on the pilot episode of another Happy Days spin-off called “Out of the Blue”. Mork visits his old friend “Random” (An Angel). During the series it’s revealed that Ork and Heaven are near each other! “Out of the Blue” only lasted four months.


    • In the second season, network executives decided that even though the series was a big hit, everything needed to be changed! They actually decided to do more serious and meaningful stories when the audience was simply loving Robin Williams silly slapstick humor! They also moved the show from Thursday to Sunday evenings. Look at your tv schedule … you won’t find many top-rated shows on Sundays, especially comedies. They also “got rid of” the entire supporting cast … the very characters that audiences had just become accustomed to! Anyway, when ratings took a nose dive, they decided to change everything back for the third season.


    • In the final season, Mork married Mindy, they honeymooned on Ork, got pregnant, and MORK gave birth to a perfectly healthy elderly man! Yes, on Ork the Males have the offspring and the “babies” are born old and age backwards to babyhood! Johnathon Winters played the role of a 225 pound baby to perfection!


    • At the end of each show, Ork would have to file a report with the Orkan leader named Orson. After making the report, he would twist his ears and say “Nanoo, Nanoo” which is Orkan for “Goodbye”.


    • Mindy’s middle name is Beth.
    • Many of the gags seen on the show were on-the-spot improvisations by Robin Williams, and later by Williams and Jonathan Winters. If you pay attention to Pam Dawber, you can often see her having difficulty not laughing at the ad libs.
    • When Conrad Janis and Elizabeth Kerr temporarily left the show, their absences were explained by having Fred fulfilling his dream of becoming a conductor and going on the road and Cora joining him there.
    • Orkans evolved from chickens.
    • Mork and Mindy’s downstairs neighbor, Mr. Bickley, wrote greeting cards for a living.
    • As of 2004 Mork and Mindy’s house is the most popular landmark in Boulder, Colorado.
    • The house used for the exterior shots of Mindy’s home is at 1619 Pine St near downtown Boulder. Mindy’s father’s music store was actually a bookstore on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall.
    • Producer Garry Marshall said he came up with the basic concept of the show during a phone call with an ABC executive. He said he set the show in the college town of Boulder because he had a friend with a child attending Colorado University.
    • Jonathan Winters’ first appearance on the show was as Dave McConnell (one of Mindy’s relatives) in “Mork and the Family Reunion”. Winters went on to join the cast full-time as Mearth in the following season.
    • Mork’s furry alien pet, Bebo, was credited as himself.
    • During casting, when asked to take a seat, Robin Willams sat in the chair upside down. Producer Gary Marshal selected him because “He was the only alien to audition.”
    • Pam Dawber did not attend her audition for the part of Mindy McConnell in person. She made an audition videotape of her performance as Mindy, spliced together with scenes from ‘Robin Williams” earlier appearance as Mork on “Happy Days” (1974). In the audition tape, Dawber simply reacted to everything that Williams said in his “Happy Days” appearance. She got the part because the producers felt she was the perfect “straight-person” for Williams’ wacky alien.



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