‘New Moon’ Sends Woman to Jail


The woman accidentally captured three minutes of the film on her video camera while taping part of her sister's surprise party, theater managers contacted police, who arrested Tumpach. She spent two days in jail. Now she faces a felony charge of illegally copying a movie.



"The motion picture industry has encouraged theater owners to adopt a 'zero-tolerance' policy prohibiting the video or audio recording of any portion of a movie," said Muvico Entertainment.


Piracy has been an ongoing issue for the motion picture industry. The Illinois state law is fairly broad on this subject, but in this case it's a ridiculous distortion of the law to prosecute this woman, who recorded only a few minutes of the film as part of a birthday video.


Having Birthday Parties at theaters is common place and most theaters offer great deals to use their accommodations, but after this inncedent I suggest to you to not use this service and chose somewhere else to hold Birthday Parties.


Summit Entertainment, which produced "New Moon" walks a fine line with cases like this, and I would suggest that they do the right thing and push to get these charges dropped ASAP, and be a savaior rather than a bully.

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