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  As for her upcoming film projects, the 5′ 8″ inches tall actress is scheduled to  star in two European films: Ángel en la oscuridad, Un and Teresa.

Peace Meadow

Childhood and Family:

  Paz Campos Trigo was born on January 2, 1976, in Sevilla, Spain. She considered  becoming a politician and studied journalism for two years. Later, she opted for  a future career in acting and signed up with the high-status Centro Andaluz de  Teatro acting school. She also changed her name to Paz Vega, after her  grandmother’s surname, which means “peace meadow” in English.

  While spending her vacation on a Spanish island, Paz met a Venezuelan man named  Orson Salazar. The two became a couple and exchanged wedding vows in 2002. They  happily live in Madrid, Spain.

Courageous Lucia


Paz Vega 3  “I am only an actress when they say, ‘action’ and I stop being an actress when  they say ‘cut.’ I am a normal person outside of acting.” Paz Vega

  Originally dreaming of becoming a sports star and politician, 15-year-old Paz  Vega changed her mind and opted for an acting career after watching a  performance of Federico García Lorca’s La Casa de Bernarda Alba. Vega dropped  out of school at age 16 and subsequently signed up with the prestigious Centro  Andaluz de Teatro acting school, which she attended for two years. She later  chased fame in Madrid and worked in bars while going to auditions.

  Vega’s first public appearance was in three episodes of the Spanish series  Menudo es mi padre and as a guest in an episode of the series Crónicas marcianas  in November of 1997. She followed it up with regular roles in the series Mas que  amigos (1997) and Companeros (1998) as well as starring in the 17-minute comedy,  Manuel Ríos San Martín’s Perdón, perdón (1998, alongside Alberto San Juan).

  Juan Manuel Chumilla’s dramatic comedy Zapping (1999, costarring Natalia  Dicenta) was Vega’s debut acting work in a motion picture. In the film, she  played the lead role of Elvira, a sexy and seductive vixen that steals another  woman’s husband. Also in 1999, she played the supporting role of Azafata in  Alfonso Albacete and David Menkes’ romantic comedy Sobreviviré (a.k.a. I Will  Survive, starring Emma Suarez).

  The portrayal of Laura, a lively Andalucian girl who became David’s roommate  (played by Toni Cantó) in the long-lived comedy series 7 vidas (1999-present),  was Vega’s breakout role. She portrayed the part for one season (1999-2000,  reportedly reprised her role in 2005) and attracted director Mateo Gil’s  attention. Gil later handed her the role of Eduardo Noriega’s girlfriend,  Ariadna, in his adaptation of Juan Bonilla’s novel, Nadie conoce a nadie (  a.k.a. Nobody Knows Anybody, also with Natalia Verbeke).

Paz Vega 4  Entering the new millennium, Vega starred in the 15-minute drama Chico en la  puerta, El (2000, a.k.a. Wrinkle Movie) and won the acclaimed role of lonely  waitress Lucia in Julio Medem’s romantic drama Lucía y el sexo (2001, a.k.a. Sex  and Lucia, opposite Tristán Ulloa). Vega’s performance received rave reviews  from critics and nabbed her several awards, including the Goya, Sant Jordi and  Ondas Awards.

  “What I liked the most about Lucia was how pretty, positive and courageous she  was. I would like to have some of that.” Paz Vega

  Following the triumph of her previous film, Vega scored the significant role of  Sergi Lopez’s abused wife Angela in Javier Balaguer’s Solo Mia (2001, a.k.a.  Mine Alone, costarring Elvira Minguez). In the next year, she was cast in Pedro  Almodóvar’s highly praised movie, the drama Hable con ella ( a.k.a. Talk to Her,  starring Javier Cámara and Darío Grandinetti) and in Emilio Martínez Lázaro’s  musical romantic comedy Otro lado de la cama, El (a.k.a. The Other Side of the  Bed), playing Ernesto Alterio’s spouse Sonia. Vega also costarred with Eduardo  Noriega, Anna Mouglalis and Nathalie Richard in Jean-Pierre Limosin’s romantic  comedy Novo (as Isabelle).

  Vega added to her acting resume the title role of Carmen in Vicente Aranda’s  drama Carmen (2003) and the starring role of Estrella Cuevas in Juan Calvo’s  comedy Di que sí (2004). She also knocked on Hollywood’s door with her debut  work as Flor Moreno, a sincere, loving single mother who becomes Adam Sandler and Téa Leoni’s beautiful Mexican maid, in James L. Brooks’ romantic comedy  Spanglish (2004).

Some of Paz’s latest work includes Fade to Black were she had the tittle role as   Lea Padovani  and two Spanish films she plays Adriana in Raúl García’s thriller Ángel en la oscuridad,  and she  joined Victoria Abril and Viggo Mortensen in Ray Lorigas’ drama Teresa.
  “I don’t want to play only Latin women. I want to have roles in English.” Paz  Vega

Well seems Paz has got her wish as she will be in the upcoming Comic Booked based filmed “The Spirit”  where she has the  role of  Plaster of Paris.

Paz Vega 5



  • Goya Awards: Best New Actress, Lucía Y El Sexo, 2002

  • Sant Jordi Awards: Best Spanish Actress, Lucía Y El Sexo, 2002

  • Ondas Awards: Best Actress, Lucía Y El Sexo, 2001
  • Phoenix Film Critic’s Award, PFCS Award:  Breakout of the Year for Spanglish, 2004

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