Priceline Negotiator William Shatner Comes to End?

The new ad spot which you can see below begins airing on TV Monday. We find the former Star-ship Capt on a bus that flies off a bridge and explodes in a fiery heap below. Here is the commercial.


But don’t count The Negotiator out just yet as Shatner owns close to $1 Billion Dollars in Priceline’s shares. For 14 years Shatner opted for shares instead of cash for doing ads and to be their spokes person. spokesman Brian Ek confirms to TheWrap that Shatner remains under contract with and that the travel site wanted a bold spot to promote its published-price hotel service, which accompanies its name-your-own price service. “Our agency recommended that, if we really wanted to grab people’s attention, we needed to do a spot that was truly over the top,” he said. “We did.”

The spot will also air twice during the Super Bowl pre-show on Feb. 5, and the company will debut a new commercial during the game. But note that the title of the commercial doesn’t say The Negotiator is dead; it only says this is his “last deal.”

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