‘Reaper’ WOWS Dragon-Con Audience

Poor Sam (Bret Harrison) has been a loser his whole life – after all, his parents reasoned, why push the boy to do anything if old Lucifer himself was going to show up and take him away on his 21st birthday?? When the big day finally rolls around, the devil makes good on his bargain, and informs Sam that his new job will be to round up the escaped souls of hell using “a vessel crafted in the bowels of perdition by the iniquitous and the vile. Oh I forgot, you you got a 600 on your SAT!!” (In simple terms, that would be a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.) Once Sam collects the wayward souls, it’s off to Hell on Earth, aka the local DMV, where a special fugitive transfer station has been set up. As you might have guessed, sending a perpetual screw-up out to collect Hell’s worst offenders presents him with a bit of a challenge, but lucky for him his slacker friend Sock (Tyler Lebine) is there to help, and that’s when the comedy ensues.

The test audience was nearly rolling on the floor laughing at every joke in the script; the writing was dead-on funny, and the actors ALL seem to have nailed their parts. By far, Ray Wise in the roll of Lucifer steals the show, playing a truly evil Satan who you wouldn’t mind having as a next-door neighbor (provided you don’t own a zamboni!!) You can catch Reaper Tuesdays at 9pm this fall on the CW – the first episode is set to air September 25 and I know I’ll be tuning in!! Watch the video below.


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