Remake of RoboCop is on Hold


And according to rumors it’s also because MGM chairperson Mary Parent has been pushing and grinding to make the new remake in 3D, now especially since Avatar‘s big success. Aronofsky is bent on making the film without any gimmicks.

Aronofsky has also talked about completely rebooting the franchise from scratch and simple ignoring what Paul Verhoeven did with the original film. MGM may also have a problem with that, considering that fans expect certain things from the original to be used. Now Aronofsky has chosen to work on Black Swan instead of Robocop and the studio says it will simple wait for him instead of hiring another helmer for the project, like they planned back in July.


Hey you suits as my granny use to say, “Either shit or get off the pot!!” It’s time to make your minds up, either make the damn film or just mothball it and stop yanking our chains.




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