Sequels Straight to DVD Revealed

Road Trip:Well, I am in preproduction right now, so I have a script that I am comfortable with, hired my director and set up my operation. ‘Road Trip 2’ will take place against the world of beer pong, which I think is a very topical subject for our TV audience.

Naked Gun:‘Naked Gun’ is about corruption in the city. A new [younger] police squad is being formed to battle the corruption.

Bad News Bears:‘Bad News Bears’ is set against the world of soccer.

Grease: No story details are available just yet, but Feola promised it’ll be a musical where the songs function as an integral part of the plot.

Mean Girls: Too early in development for him to be able to offer up even a logline.

Feola confirmed that Paramount Famous will release five to six of these movies per year. But there are several properties that he considers untouchable, which means that we will never see a cheap straight-to-DVD sequel for them. Those properties are “The Godfather” and “Top Gun.”

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