Smallville: Season 6

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Smallville Season 6 (2006-2007)

Smallville Zod 6×01 Zod
Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone, a barren desert full of criminals that were sent there by Jor-El. His only hope of escaping lies with a mysterious woman. Back on Earth, Zod plans …
Sep. 28, 2006
Smallville Sneeze 6×02 Sneeze
Clark develops a cold for the first time which leads to the discovery of a new ability. Lex hires a private investigator to find out who it is that’s following him. Meanwhile, Lois …
Oct. 05, 2006
Smallville Wither 6×03 Wither
Clark, Chloe and Jimmy investigate a strange vine that is killing people in the woods. Meanwhile, Lex throws a costume ball to benefit the victims of Dark Thursday.
Oct. 12, 2006
Smallville Arrow 6×04 Arrow
After writing an article about the ‘Green Arrow Bandit’, Lois is kidnapped. Lex lets Lana in on his latest project, studying the mysterious black box.
Oct. 19, 2006
Smallville Reunion 6×05 Reunion
Lex and Oliver meet up at the Excelsior Academy 10 year reunion. When two of his friends die in suspicious circumstances soon after, Oliver suspects Lex is involved.
Oct. 26, 2006
Smallville Fallout 6×06 Fallout
Clark is reunited with Raya but there’s little time to catch up as Baern, a phantom from the Phantom Zone, makes his way to Smallville intent on killing Clark.
Nov. 02, 2006
Smallville Rage 6×07 Rage
The Green Arrow is shot whilst trying to save a couple from a carjacking. Clark finds Oliver is alive and well the next day but his behaviour is somewhat erratic so Clark attempts to …
Nov. 09, 2006
Smallville Static 6×08 Static
Lex is imprisoned in another plane of existence by a man who can shift through alternate frequencies. Meanwhile, a Zoner is sucking the bones out of people in Seattle and Clark must …
Nov. 16, 2006
Smallville Subterranean 6×09 Subterranean
Clark discovers illegal immigrants are being exploited at the neighbouring farm and seeks help from Martha to allow a boy and his mother to stay in the country.
Dec. 07, 2006
Smallville Hydro 6×10 Hydro
When the Daily Planet’s gossip columnist, Linda Lake, publishes a story on Clark, Lana and Lex using details from a private conversation, Lana accuses Chloe of betraying her. Lois begins …
Jan. 11, 2007
Smallville Justice 6×11 Justice
Oliver introduces Clark to some familiar faces, who are now working alongside Green Arrow. When one member of the team is captured during a mission, Clark must help the others mount …
Jan. 18, 2007
Smallville Labyrinth 6×12 Labyrinth
Clark wakes up in a mental hospital where the physician in charge, Dr. Hudson, informs him that the past five years were not real and only a figment of his imagination. Clark must come …
Jan. 25, 2007
Smallville Crimson 6×13 Crimson
Lois tries on lipstick made with red kryptonite and becomes infatuated with the first man she sees… Clark. The two share a kiss which causes Clark to lose all of his inhibitions and …
Feb. 01, 2007
Smallville Trespass 6×14 Trespass
Lana receives a photo of herself, taken inside the mansion and decides to hide from her stalker in a surprising location. Jimmy thinks Chloe still sees Clark as more than a friend and …
Feb. 08, 2007
Smallville Freak 6×15 Freak
Clark and Chloe discover that Lex is using a young man’s ability to identify meteor freaks to help him further his experiments. When Lana finds out, she tries to persuade him to stay …
Feb. 15, 2007
Smallville Promise 6×16 Promise
On Lex and Lana’s wedding day, Dr. Langston threatens to tell Lana the truth about her pregnancy but Lex will do anything to silence him. Clark is willing to tell Lana his secret in …
Mar. 15, 2007
Smallville Combat 6×17 Combat
Clark and Chloe locate another Zoner in a fight club which prompts Clark to seek a way in, knowing he’ll probably have to expose himself. Lois catches wind of the fight club and desperate …
Mar. 22, 2007
Smallville Progeny 6×18 Progeny
Lex brings Chloe’s mother, Moira, out of her catatonic state and uses her to control other meteor freaks. Lana makes a shocking discovery about her pregnancy.
Apr. 19, 2007
Smallville Nemesis 6×19 Nemesis
When Lex is trapped deep inside underground tunnels by the wife of a former test subject, Clark sets off to find him but is rendered powerless by the kryptonite-laden walls. The only …
Apr. 26, 2007
Smallville Noir 6×20 Noir
Chloe and Jimmy are shocked to find Lana has been shot in the elevator at the Daily Planet. Jimmy is knocked unconscious whilst studying photos of the scene and dreams of Metropolis …
May. 03, 2007
Smallville Prototype 6×21 Prototype
A crooked senator threatens to expose Lex’s secret labs where he’s developing a super soldier so he sends Wes Keenan to kill him. When Lois witnesses the attack, she becomes Wes’ next …
May. 10, 2007
Smallville Phantom 6×22 Phantom
John returns to defeat the last phantom but it proves to be a tough task. Clark confronts Lionel after he discovers Lana was blackmailed into marrying Lex. Lana leaves Lex and plans …
May. 17, 2007


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