Smallville: Season 9

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Smallville Season 9 (2010)

Smallville Savior9×01 Savior
Clark begins his destiny with Jor-El but realizes he needs to say goodbye to Lois before he can start. Lois returns from the future with amnesia, a mysterious female assassin on her …
Jun. 01, 2010
Smallville Metallo9×02 Metallo
Reporter John Corben is out hunting the Blur when he’s hit by a truck. He recovers consciousness to discover that someone has transformed him into a cyborg with a Kryptonite heart. …
Jun. 01, 2010
Smallville Rabid9×03 Rabid
Zod and his soldiers release a virus into the air that turns humans into zombies. The only way to stop it is to make an antidote from the blood of another Kryptonian. After Lois is …
Jun. 08, 2010
Smallville Echo9×04 Echo
Tess forces Oliver to come to a Queen Industries gala to put the Board at ease, but things go awry when the Toyman shows up with a bomb and a plan to take revenge on Oliver. The Toyman …
Jun. 15, 2010
Smallville Roulette9×05 Roulette
Oliver is drugged and kidnapped by a woman named Victoria AKA Roulette, who tells Oliver that he’s involved in a dangerous game and must fight for his life. After Victoria shows up …
Jun. 22, 2010
Smallville Crossfire9×06 Crossfire
Oliver offers to train a new girl, Mia, to keep her safe from danger. Lois and Clark are stunned when a radio station want both of them to be their new hosts.
Jun. 29, 2010
Smallville Kandor9×07 Kandor
It’s a race against time to find Jor-El when Clark realizes that he is on Earth and Zod realizes that he could hold the key to their powers. Chloe is the first to meet him, while Zod …
Jul. 06, 2010
Smallville Idol9×08 Idol
Zan and Jayna come to Metropolis and assist The Blur with his fight to take down crime but several of their rescue attempts fail, which leads Clark in trouble with the District Att …
Jul. 13, 2010
Smallville Pandora9×09 Pandora
Tess kidnaps Lois to find out where Lois went after she disappeared for weeks. Lois’s memory of the future depicts a Metropolis under Zod’s rule and Clark powerless under the red sun, …
Jul. 20, 2010
Smallville Disciple9×10 Disciple
A mysterious archer attacks first Lois and then Chloe. Oliver fears that his apprentice, Mia, is next… and he knows the dark figure from his past who is responsible. Meanwhile, Zod …
Jul. 27, 2010
Smallville Absolute Justice9×11 Absolute Justice
A man named Sylvester Pemberton tracks down Chloe and tells her he knows about her team of superheroes and needs their help. However, before he can explain who he is, he is attacked …
Aug. 03, 2010
Smallville Warrior9×12 Warrior
Zatanna goes to a comic book convention to find an enchanted comic book and asks Clark for his help. While Lois sees them together and becomes jealous, Chloe is rescued from an accident …
Aug. 10, 2010
Smallville Persuasion9×13 Persuasion
It is Valentine’s Day and while Clark is out on a date with Lois, he unknowingly becomes infected by gemstone kryptonite, which has magical wish-fulfilling properties. Clark mentions …
Aug. 17, 2010
Smallville Conspiracy9×14 Conspiracy
Bernard Chisholm, a doctor who died and was brought back to life by the Kandorians so they can experiment on him, escapes and kidnaps some Kandorians in order to prove aliens have invaded …
Aug. 24, 2010
Smallville Escape9×15 Escape
Clark and Lois head out of town for a quiet romantic getaway, but their plans are thwarted when they run into Chloe and Oliver at their Bed & Breakfast Inn. The couples’ awkward moment …
Aug. 31, 2010
Smallville Checkmate9×16 Checkmate
Tess engineers the abduction of Green Arrow and delivers him to Amanda Waller, the head of Checkmate. He escapes and warns Clark and Chloe, who discover that John Jones is conducting …
Sep. 07, 2010
Smallville Upgrade9×17 Upgrade
Lois investigates a hidden lab where Tess’ scientists are conducting experiments with red kryptonite. She inadvertently starts an explosion, and when Clark later investigates, he becomes …
Sep. 14, 2010
Smallville Charade9×18 Charade
Lois investigates the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks but he threatens her with a gun when confronted. The Blur saves her, but is captured on film by a delivery …
Sep. 21, 2010
Smallville Sacrifice9×19 Sacrifice
Tess breaks into Watchtower, triggering an elaborate security system that Chloe installed, ultimately trapping the two women inside. Clark realizes Zod has given his soldiers super …
Sep. 28, 2010
Smallville Hostage9×20 Hostage
Much to Clark’s surprise, Martha Kent returns to Smallville with her new boyfriend, Perry White in tow. Lois and Perry realize they are both working on the same story about the Red …
Oct. 05, 2010
Smallville Salvation9×21 Salvation
When Zod and the Kandorians launch their brutal attack on Earth, Chloe calls in some old friends to join the fight against the aliens. Clark and Zod face off in an epic battle for …
Oct. 12, 2010


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