SGU episode Subversion

Stargate Universe ep 01×18 ‘Subversion’ Promos

Here is the official synopsis, promo trailer, and images from the Stargate Universe, Season 1 Episode 18 ‘Subversion’. You can check them out below.



Col. Telford is suspected of espionage after Dr. Rush has a disturbing dream about a covert meeting with the Lucian Alliance. Col. Young investigates the matter with the help of Gen. Jack O’Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Promo trailer: Click image to view promo.

<div> <a linkindex={quot}66{quot} href={quot}—%27Subversion%27-ep-01×18-Subversion-Trailer.html{quot}> Stargate Universe – {apos}Subversion{apos} ep 01×18 Subversion Trailer </a></div>
<div> <a linkindex={quot}67{quot} href={quot}—%27Subversion%27-ep-01×18-Subversion-Trailer.html{quot}> <img src={quot}{quot} alt={quot}{quot} /></a></div>

Gallery of images: Click to enlarge.


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