Swamp Thing Canceled After One Episode

Swamp Thing

“The Swamp Thing” isn’t making it out of the swampland as DC Universe has announced it has canceled its latest live-action TV series Swamp Thing, just after the show’s first episode premiered on May 31, 2019. It’s the first of DC Universe’s slate of shows to get canned. DC Universe has no plans for an additional season of the sci-fi series, a source said.

The live-action drama, based on the comic series with a new reinvision, follows a woman named Abby Arcane who investigates a deadly virus in the swamplands of Louisiana.
Season 1 is expected to continue to air as planned with its 10th and final episode debuting on August 2, according to the online streaming site.

The reasons for the show’s cancellation could come down to different factors: 1. The series had some production issues in North Carolina earlier this year and saw its episode count cut from 13 episodes to 10 this spring due to tax issues. 2. The completion of AT&T acquisition of Time Warner as WarnerMedia that is putting an emphasis on the launch of a new streaming platform making the DC Universe reevaluate their future. 3. Production in-fighting on how the show should be done.

Seems that the Fans are actually rallying to try and save the show, but more than likely it will come to no avail. We will keep you updated on the fate of The Swamp Thing and DC Universe.


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