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BABYLON 5 OVERVIEW – The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It’s a port of call, home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers…

Crusade Icons

Crusade Icons

Crusade TV Series Icons and Avatars Gallery at Click image to view and download, it is all free.

Crusade Quotes

Crusade Quotes

Crusade TV Series Quotes – Dureena Nafeel: Yes, I’m a thief and a damned good one. Need to get inside something? Get out? Tunnel under? Go around? Go through? I’m it.

Crusade Trivia

Crusade Trivia

Crusade TV Series Trivia: According to Babylon 5 canon, Gideon’s Apocalypse Box is not the only one in existence. There are actually six, scattered around the galaxy.

Crusade Episodes

Crusade Episode Guide

Crusade Episode Guide: In this “Babylon 5” spin-off, the Earth Alliance launches a mission to locate a cure for an alien plague threatening the world. Capt. Matthew Gideon takes command of the starship Excalibur and begins the “crusade.”

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Crusade: Complete overview, episode guide, character guides, trivia. quotes, photo gallery, videos, wallpaper gallery, news and more.

Crusade Characters

Crusade Character Guide

Crusade Character Guide: Matthew Gideon is the Captain of the Excalibur and an Earthforce officer. Gideon is a man with a chequered past, known for his unorthodox and often risky approaches.