Bionic Woman: (#108) “Do Not Disturb”

Bionic Woman: (#108) “Do Not Disturb”  First Aired: Nov. 28, 2007

“Jaime’s much-needed vacation with her sister at a spa resort is quickly disrupted when she is pulled into a deadly cat and mouse game with another hotel guest.”

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Bionic Woman: (#107) “Trust Issues,”

Bionic Woman: “Trust Issues,” First Aired: Nov. 14, 2007 “When an  assassination plot against a controversial head of state on United States soil  is discovered, Jonas assigns Jaime and Antonio to thwart it. But when Jaime  overhears a disturbing conversation by Antonio and the assassin, she is  conflicted on whether she can trust her partner, […]


NBC has released three images from “The List,” the Wednesday, Nov. 7 episode of Bionic Woman. Here’s how NBC describes the episode:

“The Berkut Group has to team up with the CIA to catch a dangerous man who is selling a list naming the Berkut Group and CIA operatives. When Jaime (Michelle Ryan) and Tom (guest star Jordan Bridges) are partnered on the mission in Paris, they find themselves in the city of love, competing and flirting with each other, while still trying to maintain a professional relationship…


NBC has released a description and two images from “The Education of Jaime Sommers,” the Wednesday, Oct. 24 episode of Bionic Woman. Here’s how the network describes the episode:

“Jaime (Michelle Ryan) finally gets to experience college when she goes undercover as a British transfer student to investigate a professor who is possibly selling neural implants to terrorists. However, her assignment becomes complicated when she unexpectedly falls for Tom, the teacher’s assistant (guest star Jordan Bridges), who has been flagged as a suspect.”…


NBC has released 15 images from “Sister,” the Wednesday, Oct. 10 episode of Bionic Woman. Here’s how the network describes the episode:

” Jaime (Michelle Ryan) is tasked by the Berkut Group to watch the daughter of a Canadian defense contractor. At the same time, she must decide whether or not she is going to help Sarah Corvus (guest-star Katee Sackhoff), the first bionic woman, save herself.”…