The White Plague by Frank Herbert – Book Review

Imagine a world just like the one we’re living in right now, with one small difference – there are no women left in it. This is the premise of Frank Herbert’s White Plague. The story begins with brilliant scientist John O’Neill, who is happily enjoying his success with his loving wife and son by his side. Then the IRA plants a random bomb, just their way of getting the world’s attention, and everything changes.

O’Neill loses his family, and it hardens him. He decides that all those responsible should suffer the way he suffers,…

daughter of the forest

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier – Book Review

This is the beginning of THE BEST fantasy trilogy I’ve ever read, hands down. The tale begins with young Sorcha, the only daughter of Lord Colum of Sevenwaters. Her father also has six sons, and their life at Sevenwaters is truly a blessed one for the beloved ruling family. But all that changes when the widower Colum becomes enamored of an evil sorceress. Seeking to eliminate any competition for her own child to ascend the throne, the witch turns the other boys into swans. Her mistake comes of allowing Sorcha the seeming luxury of running away. But Ireland is a land full of mystery and magic, and the Old Ones see something special in Sorcha…


Trial of Flowers by Jay Lake – Book Review 

Prothro – “None may say later I stood in your way. You see, Lord Mayor, I shall grant you this scrying, from nothing more than my own good sense. You won’t rule two weeks, and will fall of no deed of mine. His Magnificence won’t long outlast you. There’s more afoot than you know, and dangers coming you cannot imagine.”
Lord Mayor Imago – “I watched those black dogs tearing at the people of this city. I can imagine much.”
Prothro – “Not enough.”This book starts off, like many, leaving the reader a little confused. Numerous people (and I use the term “people” loosely) take turns narrating, and though we always know just who is speaking to us in the story,…

Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen – Book Review

 “I’m sorry if I was oblique. Let me try to summarize things in a more concise manner. You need the Imaginarium Geographica to avert whatever disaster is looming on the world at large. You are the caretaker of the Geographica. You lost the Geographica. Ergo, you and everyone you know, love, care about, or exchange pleasantries with as you gather your […]