Tron Evolution

Tron: Evolution Trailer and Graphics

Tron EvolutionDisney Interactive Studios has released a trailer and graphics for TRON: Evolution the video game that will precede the release of the TRON: Legacy movie on Dec. 18, 2010.

Developed by Propaganda Games, Disney Interactive Studios’ action and role-playing game studio in Vancouver, the action/adventure video game is being created for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.You can check out the promos below.

Jessica Alba

The New Improved Jessica Alba

Jessica AlbaWell she is no newbie at playing a superhero but lately some of her movies just sucked ass like “The Eye” and “The Love Guru,” but now Jessica Alba has decided to say screw you to those guys with the crappy movie scripts and is really focusing on getting her career back on track. To start with Alba is set to appear in the third “Meet the Parents” film, in Casey Affleck’s “The Killer Inside Me” that requires a bit of nudity which we will all drool over, and she has just completed filming “An Invisible Sing of My Own,” a film based on a novel by Aimee Bender.