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We now have a new international red band trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Kick-Ass comic book. Take the jump to view it.

“Kick-Ass” tells the story of average teenager Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), a comic-book fanboy who decides to take his obsession as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. As any good superhero would, he chooses a new name — Kick-Ass — assembles a suit and mask to wear, and gets to work fighting crime. There’s only one problem standing in his way: Kick-Ass has absolutely no superpowers.

His life is forever changed as he inspires a subculture of copy cats, is hunted by assorted violent and unpleasant characters, and meets up with a pair of crazed vigilantes, including an 11-year-old sword-wielding dynamo, Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage).

The new film is directed by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Stardust) and is scheduled to hit theaters on April 16th.


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Captain America

Captain America in warAs The First Avenger: Captain America movie is getting ready to start filming in June, director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3, The Wolfman) has given a pre-production update and talked about the plan for the big screen adaptation. Here is what he had to say:

We’re in prep,Rick Heinrichs is production-designing and we’re set up down in Manhattan Beach [California]. It’s the part of the process that I love the most. We have eight or ten really talented artists, and we all just sit around all day and draw pictures and say, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this?’ It’s that phase of the production where money doesn’t matter: ‘Let’s put all the greatest stuff up on the wall and [then later] see what we can afford.’

Johnston went on to say: “The film will begin in 1942, 1943 during World War II. The stuff in the ’60s and ’70s [comic books] we’re sort of avoiding. We’re going back to the ’40s, and then forward to what they’re doing with Captain America now.




Yesterday we showed you some concept art from the upcoming Green Lantern movie that gave us the first look at what members of the Green Lantern Corps will look like.

Today we have a shot of Sinestro, the villain who will be played by Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, RocknRolla) in the movie. You can check out all the concept art below.

Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) has previously stated that since the film focuses on the origins of Green Lantern, Sinestro will only be a mentor. And it might not be until the sequel that we see him go over to the dark side or should we say the yellow side.



Click image to enlarge

Sinestro concept art


captain america and thor

Kotobukiya which is a toy company that makes mini-statues and busts based on DC Comics, Marvel and Star Wars characters. The company has an exclusive deal with Marvel and gets all character designs before films appear in theaters.

Well if you look back at the designs for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Punisher: War Zone, all the toys look exactly as they do in the movies. And yes they were all released before the movies ever hit theaters.

So keeping that in mind, Kotobukiya has just released a glimpse at their statues for Captain America and Thor, which means that this is probably our first look at what the characters will look like in their own respected films. You can check out the photos below.

Click Images to enlarge

thor costume capt america costume

green lantern corps
Here is a few things e already know about the Green Lantern movie, that the main villain will be Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), and director Martin Campbell has already revealed that plenty other characters from the origin story will also be included.

The good thing is that Campbell has said that the movie will follow the origin story of Green Lantern pretty closely, and that Sinestro may have a part in the film, but only as a mentor. It might not be until the sequel that we actulay get to see him go over to the dark side.

So in the mean time while we wait to see what Hammond, Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) and Sinestro (Mark Strong) will look like, here is a sneak peek at some concept art of Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Abin Sur. These are members of the famous Green Lantern Corps.

We still have no clue as to who will play Abin Sur, but judging by the picture, it may just end up being Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld). You can check out the concept art below.


Human Target


Official synopsis:

Chance is hired to protect a pseudonymous computer hacker, who may be holding potentially devastating information, during a flight trip to Seattle. However, Chance, with the cover of a flight passenger, doesn’t want to do the mission on his own, and convinces Winston into going with him, who gets the less-enthusiastic job of flight attendant. But not only do they have to protect the client during the flight, they also need to rescue the entire plane filled with passengers when a fire inside the plane causes it to lose control and possibly crash.


Cast: Mark Valley as Christopher Chance; Chi McBride as Winston; Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero


Guest Cast: Courtney Ford ( Dexter) as Laura; Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica) as Tennant; Ali Liebert as Brooke; Robert Weiss as Larry; Sean Owen Roberts as Sergei; David Nykl as Vincent


Promo Vid:


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Kat Dennings, who plays Darcy, added: “First day of filming and I’m already staggering around my hotel room shirtless and dazed like a homeless man.


At the premier of  The Book of Eli actor Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) spoke about the first day on the set of Thor. “It’s the first day of filming today,” he said. “It’s very, very exciting.” Stevenson will play Volstagg, a member of the warriors Three, a trio of Asgardian adventurers consisting of Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg. “I’ve got a huge fat suit,” he said about playing his character.

Speaking of the film, Stevenson added: “It’s definitely the Marvel comic book and the origins of the Norse legends. You know, the existence of Asgard and the nine realms. And it’s more sort of in the high realms of intergalactic space and planets. There’s visits to Earth as well.

Click here to read more about Thor.







Studio: Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios
Director: Kenneth Branagh

Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Official Site: Unknown
MPAA Rating: Unknown


Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Jaimie Alexander, Colm Feore, Robert De Niro, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo


Plot Summary: Partially disabled medical student Dr. Donald Blake discovers his heretofore unknown alter ego, the Norse warrior, Thor.




Images: Click image to view all images.


Posters: Click image to view all posters.




Human Target Pilot



Official synopsis: Christopher Chance is a unique private contractor/security expert/bodyguard hired when an unusual or imminent threat cannot be solved through normal means of protection. Chance works with his business partner and trusted friend, Winston, and hired gun, Guerrero, to integrate himself completely into his clients’ lives and eliminate the threat by becoming the human target. In the series preview, Chance is hired to protect the engineer of California’s first bullet train as it makes its maiden voyage from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the “Pilot” episode of HUMAN TARGET airing Sunday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


Cast: Mark Valley as Christopher Chance; Chi McBride as Winston; Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero


Guest Cast: Tricia Helfer as Stephanie; Mark Moses as Hollis; Sean Allan as Lydecker; Adrian Hough as James; Hiro Kanagawa as Lt. Peale; Michael St. John Smith as McNamara; Toshi Haraguchi as Mr. Saito; David Meunier as Tom


Promo Trailer:


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Click here for more on the Human Target.



Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi

So Sony has decided to just reboot the Spider-Man franchise, this means a big shake-up for all those involved in the first three films and Sony will make it like the first three films never happened has they are taking Peter Parker back to High School.


Here is what the official Sony Pictures Twitter account said on Monday (Jan. 11): “Peter Parker is going back to high school when the next Spider-Man hits in the summer of 2012,”

“Working on the Spider-Man movies was the experience of a lifetime for me,” said Raimi in a statement that was later issued by Sony. “While we were looking forward to doing a fourth one together, the studio and Marvel have a unique opportunity to take the franchise in a new direction, and I know they will do a terrific job.”

Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment. said “A decade ago … when we began, no one ever imagined that we would make history at the box-office and now we have a rare opportunity to make history once again with this franchise,” she went on to say “Peter Parker as an ordinary young adult grappling with extraordinary powers has always been the foundation that has made this character so timeless and compelling for generations of fans. We’re very excited about the creative possibilities that come from returning to Peter’s roots and we look forward to working once again with Marvel Studios, Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin on this new beginning.”

The new film is aiming for a 2012 release and will be based on a script written by James Vanderbilt that focuses on a teenage Peter Parker. The suits at Sony promises additional details in the upcoming weeks as they prep for production.

Although the reboots have proved successful recently with the Batman and Star Trek franchises, Spider-Man hasn’t been around that long in the movies and as successful as the first three films were it’s a bit stupid to try and reboot now, and Sony should have shown a little respect to Raimi as he has made them a ass load of money and made Spider-Man such a box office hit.