Heroes: (#210) “Truth and Consequences”

Heroes: (#210) “Truth and ConsequencesFirst Aired: 26 November 2007

“Peter travels to Primatech Paper in Texas with his new friend to destroy the virus, which will kill 93 percent of the world’s population in the future — or so he believes. Niki returns with bad news. To right a wrong, Monica puts her abilities to the test while Hiro goes after his father’s killer…

Heroes: (#209) “Cautionary Tales”

Heroes: (#209)  “Cautionary TalesFirst Aired: 19 November 2007

H.R.G. plans to run after thinking The Company found his family, but Claire has other ideas; Hiro returns to discover his father is dead; Matt struggles with his increasing mental powers; Suresh meets Elle and comes to a decision; the twins are tested as they travel with Sylar.

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Bionic Woman: (#108) “Do Not Disturb”

Bionic Woman: (#108) “Do Not Disturb”  First Aired: Nov. 28, 2007

“Jaime’s much-needed vacation with her sister at a spa resort is quickly disrupted when she is pulled into a deadly cat and mouse game with another hotel guest.”

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Bionic Woman: (#107) “Trust Issues,”

Bionic Woman: “Trust Issues,” First Aired: Nov. 14, 2007 “When an  assassination plot against a controversial head of state on United States soil  is discovered, Jonas assigns Jaime and Antonio to thwart it. But when Jaime  overhears a disturbing conversation by Antonio and the assassin, she is  conflicted on whether she can trust her partner, […]

Reaper: (#110) “Cash Out”

Reaper : (#110) “Cash OutFirst Aired: 11/27/2007

Sam (Bret Harrison) secretly begins dating Cady (guest star Jessica Stroup), even though he fears she may actually be the devil’s (Ray Wise) daughter.

The latest escaped soul is a former bank robber who has come back to collect the cash he hid after his last heist. Sam, Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) capture the soul then find the stolen money, leading to an argument about what to do with it.

Missy Peregrym, Valarie Rae Miller, Donavan Stinson and Andrew Airlie also star. Stephen Cragg directed the episode written by Yolanda Lawrence.

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Reaper: (#109) “Ashes to Ashes”

Reaper : (#109) “Ashes to AshesFirst Aired: 11/20/2007

Sam (Bret Harrison) is annoyed after the devil (Ray Wise) dispatches him to do some plumbing work for a woman named Mimi (guest star Melinda Clarke).  After talking to Mimi, Sam realizes she is dating the devil, although she thinks he is a playboy businessman named Jerry who refuses to settle down.  She introduces Sam to her daughter Cady (guest star Jessica Stroup) and he is attracted to her, but is worried she might be the devil’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Ben (Rick Gonzalez) refuses to introduce Sam and Sock (Tyler Labine) to his family.

Missy Peregrym, Valarie Rae Miller, Donavan Stinson and Andrew Airlie also star.  Victoria Hochberg directed the episode written by Thomas Schnauz.

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Reaper: (#106) “Leon”

Reaper : (#106) “LeonFirst aired: 10/30/2007

Sam (Bret Harrison), Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) capture an escaped soul and take the snow globe vessel to the DMV to turn it in, but discover Gladys (guest star) is on vacation as all the demons take Halloween off.

The devil (Ray Wise) is depressed because he feels Halloween mocks his very existence and gives Sam an extra-hard assignment to make himself feel better.

Missy Peregrym, Valarie Rae Miller, Donavan Stinson and Andrew Airlie also star. Victoria Hochberg directed the episode written by Craig DiGregorio.

Reaper: “Leon” Review

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Reaper: (#105) “What About Blob”

Reaper : (#105) “What About BlobFirst aired: 10/23/2007

Sam (Bret Harrison) is delivered a copy of the contract his parents signed, but it is thousands of pages long – and in Latin – so his dad (Andrew Airlie) offers to help translate it. 

Meanwhile, Sam finds he can’t stop slipping and falling when he walks and realizes it is connected to the latest demon.  With Josie’s (Valarie Rae Miller) help, the trio (Harrison, Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez) discover the escaped soul is the former head of a chemical company that dumped toxic waste. 

Missy Peregrym and Donavan Stinson Airlie also star.  Peter Lauer directed the episode written by Thomas Schnauz.

Reaper: “What About Blob” Review

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Reaper: (#104) “All Mine”

Reaper : (#104) “All MineFirst aired: 10/09/2007

The Devil (Ray Wise) shows Sam (Bret Harrison) photos of several people who have been killed by insect bites and stings.  Sam, Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) discover the soul is an angry mistress (guest star Julia Anderson) who sends bugs to attack anyone who gets near her former lover.  

Meanwhile, Sam is devastated after Andi (Missy Peregrym) meets a new guy (guest star Colby Johansson) at college who encourages her to quit The Work Bench and go back to school full-time. 

Valarie Rae Miller, Donavan Stinson and Andrew Airlie also star.  Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Jeff Vlaming.

Reaper: “All Mine” Review

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