Smallville Available to Stream on HULU

All ll ten seasons of Smallville will be on Hulu starting Saturday, October 1st, this will be the first time ever the series has been available to stream.


Smallville Just May Get a Season 10

SmallvilleMost Smallville fans have been wondering if this would be the last season due to the CW moving the show to Friday nights, though the series ratings dropped because of the new night which is one of the toughest for genre shows, it has held it’s own and in fact the ratings have steadily been increasing for Smallville as this season has progressed. Well IGN caught up with Dawn Ostroff, the President of Entertainment of The CW Television, and it seems that Smallville has a excellent chance of getting Season 10, here is what she had to say about the series.

‘Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom ‘ New “Content Wrap” Ad Campaign

The CW, Warner Brothers Television Group, and Toyota are teaming up for the next five weeks to try a new form of advertising on the hit show Smallville. The Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom campaign, which began last Thursday and will last through the rest of this season, will feature a series of custom comic-book interstitials taking the place of some of the standard commercials. The new “content wrap” advertising format will bring content from the series…