’24’ Action-Packed Season 7 Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming seventh season of "24" has been released featuring lots of action, explosions and tough-talk courtesy of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

Production of the new season has been delayed a couple of times last summer while the plotline was being redrawn. Filming was then shut down after the eighth episode in early December for almost five months because of the writers strike, which led to Fox’s decision to hold back the entire season until January, 2009.

Christmas Countdown 2007: submit an entry


Thanks to the amount of fun the Halloween Countdown was, the staff of SFU will be doing a countdown related to Christmas during the 12 days of Christmas in December! So, we are once again looking for participation from all of you! If you wish to participate, please send a email to me so I’ll have an idea of who is participating! Our theme for this years countdown is television specials, which an extensive list of them can be found on Wikipedia (link takes you directly to the page)…