The A-Team - 2010

First A-Team Trailer in Good Quality

The A-Team - 2010Seems that The A-Team trailer has appeared, showing the first footage from the movie. People seem to not like the way the trailer looks, but as a fan of the original TV series I have to say I extremely enjoyed it.You can view trailer below.


Lost final season

White House Stands Down to LOST

Lost final seasonThe Lost final season premiere was in peril of being postponed as the White House was considering pushing the President’s State of the Union address to February 2nd, the same night of the show’s final season debut. The goal was to give the politicians more time to complete the health-care package, with hopes that President Obama could deliver his speech and mention that America took a huge step.

Red Mist

New Kick-Ass Full Length Trailer

Red MistWe finale have a full-length trailer for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Kick-Ass comic book featuring lots of new footage. You can check it out below.

Kick-Ass – Photo Gallery

Kick-Ass – photos, stills and captions gallery.   {gallery}movies/photos/kick-ass{/gallery}          

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider 2 Update

Ghost RiderProducer Mike De Luca spoke to Collider about the Ghost Rider sequel, in which De Luca says could end up being titled “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.” Yes Nicolas Cage is set to return and 20th Century Fox is planning on running with the script that David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) had written over nine years ago. Check out the breakdown of all the other details below.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Movie is Officially a Go

Green lanternAs you know we’ve been reporting about the Green Lantern movie for a while, well finale Warner Bros has given the superhero project (no pun intended) the green light.

Green Lantern effects supervisor Karen Goulekas (The Day After Tomorrow, Spider-Man) updated her blog with a message that said: “Green Lantern got the official green light today! And not a second too soon – only 10 weeks out from shooting! While it’s great news we are a go – now we have to actually get our prep done in 10 weeks! But we have an amazing crew – so we will make it happen!

Tooth Fairy – Photo Gallery

The Tooth Fairy – photos, stills and captions gallery.   {gallery}movies/photos/tooth_fairy{/gallery}      

Wolfman – Gallery

Photos and stills for The Wolfman – 2010.   {gallery}movies/photos/wolfman{/gallery}