Aliens in ‘Battleship’ and Much More Confirmed!

BattleshipWe recently reported that Peter Berg's 'Battleship' movie, which is based on the popular board game, would feature the US Navy fighting none other than aliens. A lot of people speculated that this was just a wild and ridiculous rumor at the time, well now  Berg has confirmed it. Several reporters got a sit down with the director, who revealed tons of info about the new movie. Below is a breakdown of what he said.

When Will Clark Kent Fly??

Whether it’s to your delight or disappointment, Smallville executive producer Al Gough plans to keep Clark Kent (Tom Welling) grounded a little while yet. The “No Tights, No Flights” policy is still firmly in place. But, according to Gough, Clark’s new-awakened Kryptonian cousin, Kara, will give him “flying lessons later in the season. Although with Clark, they end up being more like falling lessons.”

Not only that; Kara will also give Clark plenty of lessons about where he comes from and…