Dune sandworm

Dune Remake gets Morel

Dune sandwormAfter a good bit of searching Paramount Pictures has reportedly found a new director for its remake of the Sci-Fi classic Dune. The studio has gotten French filmmaker Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love) to replace Peter Berg, who dropped out last fall to direct Battleship instead.

The White Plague by Frank Herbert – Book Review

Imagine a world just like the one we’re living in right now, with one small difference – there are no women left in it. This is the premise of Frank Herbert’s White Plague. The story begins with brilliant scientist John O’Neill, who is happily enjoying his success with his loving wife and son by his side. Then the IRA plants a random bomb, just their way of getting the world’s attention, and everything changes.

O’Neill loses his family, and it hardens him. He decides that all those responsible should suffer the way he suffers,…