Crusade Icons

Crusade Icons

Crusade TV Series Icons and Avatars Gallery at Click image to view and download, it is all free.

Crusade Quotes

Crusade Quotes

Crusade TV Series Quotes – Dureena Nafeel: Yes, I’m a thief and a damned good one. Need to get inside something? Get out? Tunnel under? Go around? Go through? I’m it.

Crusade Trivia

Crusade Trivia

Crusade TV Series Trivia: According to Babylon 5 canon, Gideon’s Apocalypse Box is not the only one in existence. There are actually six, scattered around the galaxy.

Crusade Episodes

Crusade Episode Guide

Crusade Episode Guide: In this “Babylon 5” spin-off, the Earth Alliance launches a mission to locate a cure for an alien plague threatening the world. Capt. Matthew Gideon takes command of the starship Excalibur and begins the “crusade.”

Crusade TV series


Crusade: Complete overview, episode guide, character guides, trivia. quotes, photo gallery, videos, wallpaper gallery, news and more.

Crusade Characters

Crusade Character Guide

Crusade Character Guide: Matthew Gideon is the Captain of the Excalibur and an Earthforce officer. Gideon is a man with a chequered past, known for his unorthodox and often risky approaches.

American Gothic

American Gothic Trivia

American Gothic Trivia: Ben Healy was not intended to be a regular character on the series. The producers were so impressed with Nick Searcy’s portrayal that they made him a permanent cast member.