Quarantine 2 Terminal

Quarantine 2 Terminal Trailer

Quarantine 2 Terminal

We now have a bootleg trailer for Quarantine 2: Terminal here for you to check out, unfortunately the only way someone could get it online is by recording it off their TV.

The Blob

Now here is a movie that I’ve never seen, but it has been on my list to see for quite a long time. Going to warn you folks now that I’m not well-versed on this particular film (or its remake for that matter), so this may indeed be another short post with media to back […]

Zombie – Zombie 2

AKA This is one of the GORIEST films you’ll ever see. I took a date to see it when I was in high school, and the theater owners handed out barf bags with each ticket. We all thought it was a joke – until people started using them during the movie (and a few people […]