Obama the V alien

Whats this, V Mocking President Obama?

Obama the V alienWe all know that the hour-long drama "V," about the arrival of an alien race on earth, debuted on Tuesday and got excellent reviews and the ratings where awesome, but it seems that some can't help but spot similarities to the Obama administration being played out on the small screen. So, are the writers poking fun at the President? I have to say yes sir-ee they are!
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Comic Book ‘Sleeper’ Gets Writer

Warner Bros has tapped Brad Ingelsby to write an adaptation of the DC Comics "Sleeper," written by Ed Brubaker and is being produced by Sam Raimi with Star Road Entertainment partner Josh Donen.

The comic centers on an operative whose fusion with an alien artifact makes him impervious to pain and allows him to pass the ability on to others through simple skin contact.


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