Falling Skies

Sneak Peek at TNT’s Falling Skies

Falling Skies

TNT has released a five minute sneak peek for it’s upcoming new series Falling Skies produced by Steven Spielberg, I have to say for a TV Show it is some very eerie footage and that the series is set for adults and not kids, but you judge for yourself. Take the jump to view.


Journeyman (112) is Homeless. Is this the End??

JourneyManIt’s bad enough that the 13th episode of Journeyman is unable to go into production thanks to the writers’ strike. Now, we’ve received word that the 12th episode is homeless. That’s right – NBC is at it again (remember who owns the SciFi Channel!), screwing around with the scheduling. Journeyman fans are left wondering not only if the show will be renewed, but also if we’ll even get to watch the 12th episode. Series creator Kevin Falls told interveiwers that the only way fans are going to see the episode is if they get the DVD set, “or if we get a back nine,” (full season order) which is unlikely due to the writers’ strike…