ELOM – The Review

After a brief discussion at Dragon-Con with William Drinkard, the author of Elom, I had been eagerly awaiting my copy for weeks. When I had the opportunity to interview Drinkard at length, the feeling only intensified. Needless to say, when that small brown package finally arrived I ripped off the wrapper and dove right in. And as it turned out, all that anticipation was wrong – because it wasn’t nearly strong enough!!

Elom is one of those books that invitingly waggles it’s pages at you from across the room – “Pick me up,…

Spin Cover


    After hearing about this book at Dragon-Con from TOR editor Claire Eddie, I can’t WAIT to get my copy!! Here’s what Tor has to say about the story: One night in October when he was ten years old, Tyler Dupree stood in his back yard and watched the stars go out. They all flared […]