mad max - mel gibson

No Mel Gibson in ‘Mad Max 4’

mad max - mel gibsonThough rumors have been amok we have no idea who is actually cast in the upcoming fourth Mad Max film, but we know that it won’t be Mel Gibson, who made the role of Max Rockatansky famous. That’s right folks, here is one rumor that isn’t true. Again Mel Gibson will not be in Mad Max 4.

DiCaprio in Inception

Christopher Nolan’s New ‘Inception’ Trailer

 DiCaprio in InceptionWe recently brought you the new poster for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming ‘Inception’ sci-fi thriller. Warner Bros has now released a new trailer for the film.You can check out the trailer below.




Release Date: July 16th, 2010 (wide)

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Official Site:
MPAA Rating: Unknown