Quarantine 2 Terminal

Quarantine 2 Terminal Trailer

Quarantine 2 Terminal

We now have a bootleg trailer for Quarantine 2: Terminal here for you to check out, unfortunately the only way someone could get it online is by recording it off their TV.

George Romero’s New Zombie Flick Plot Revealed

George RomeroDirector George Romero has began production on a new untitled thriller, in which the main charactors are once again flesh-eating zombies. Romero first mined zombies with "Night of the Living Dead" and has been eating the genre up since, his most recent film was "Diary of the Dead…

Zombie – Zombie 2

AKA This is one of the GORIEST films you’ll ever see. I took a date to see it when I was in high school, and the theater owners handed out barf bags with each ticket. We all thought it was a joke – until people started using them during the movie (and a few people […]