Terminator Rights Auction Not Going so Good

And not surprising almost every studio has expressed interest in acquiring the rights to Terminator, to Halcyon the auction is not very competitive and the bids are so low that they have been forced to protect themselves.

So now it seems that Halcyon has named Lionsgate as a stalking horse bidder, which means that Lionsgate will set the bar by making the first bid. Other potential buyers may submit competing bids, but they have to be higher than Lionsgate’s. This strategy is usually in place so bidders can’t low-ball the purchase price.

Here is some hints for you guys at Halcyon, more than likely Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be returning, The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show was a major flop, the last two films not only sucked at the box office, but also damaged James Cameron’s original vision for the Terminator. You made a bad investment, pushed the franchise into bankruptcy and total ruination. If Halcyon had any since they would just take their loses, sell the rights back to it’s original owner James Cameron for $1 USD!



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