The BEST and WORST of Dragon-Con

Costume you’ll never forget – Tiger in a loincloth

Tiger Woman DragonCon 07

Best vintage costume – V

V DragonCon 07

Best group costume – The Chudley Cannons (Harry Potter) 

Chudley Cannons

Weirdest costume – Nice Package (you might be glad we don’t have a pic!)

Best cheap costume – Big Nosed Pinocchio with an “I’m NOT looking at your breasts” t-shirt

Best “COOL” costumes – original Steampunks and Dr Who Dalek

Steampunks DragonCon 07

Friendliest celebrities – Lani John Tupu (Farscape), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica ), Barbara Luna (Star Trek, Buck Rogers ), Paul McGillion (Stargate: Atlantis), Richard Hatch (original Battlestar Galactica), Fat Momma, Major Victory, and Feedback (Who Wants To Be a Superhero?) In all fairness, nearly ALL of the celebrities were fantastically nice and friendly; these are just our picks for the nicest!!

Best panel host – Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda)

Kevin Sorbo DragonCon 2007

Best book people – TOR!!! They even brought a HUGE box of assorted freebies for the Tor Panel attendees, plus they promised to keep coming to Dragon-Con with more and bigger stuff each year! YAY!!

Best food – Gibney’s Pub (so good they’ve made the list twice!!)

Rudest people – parents who refuse to take screaming toddlers OUT of organized panels & events!! I spent a small fortune to come down here, and it’s not like there’s a pause button. Could you not just hire a babysitter for the afternoon??

Rudest celebrity – in the interest of not running off future interviews, we’ll leave this one blank for now, but yes there are some candidates!!

Rudest celebrity agent – see above!! (wink wink!)

Worst parenting – dressing your knee-high little daughter in sexy harem-girl style attire. Seen numerous times and definitley NOT COOL!!

Weirdest moment – seeing the well-dressed homeless guy asleep on a pair of Nike’s nicer than my own shoes!!

Most popular costumes – Pirates, Princess Leia, The 300, assorted Harry Potter characters

Costumes we wanted to see but didn’t – Farscape characters, Andromeda characters, Wraith, Ori

Best hotel if you’d rather leave the party behind at night – The Georgian Terrace

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