The Blob

Now here is a movie that I’ve never seen, but it has been on my list to see for quite a long time. Going to warn you folks now that I’m not well-versed on this particular film (or its remake for that matter), so this may indeed be another short post with media to back it up. The only Blob I’m familiar with is the adversary of the X-Men and that is a totally different topic. But, this movie was voted on by one of our contributing members and so its in the countdown, so I have to talk about it.

What I do know of this film is that it was expected to be a crash at the box office and it pretty much was. It wasn’t until after Steve McQueen (who stars in the original film) became a big hit. It was also a big feature at drive-ins back in the day. As it stands right now, this film is one of the must watch Sci Fi/Horror films from the 1950s and judging from all the sites I checked out to research it, I’d have to agree.

On my “Yahoogle” (Yahoo and Google combined wink.gif journey tonight, I discovered something neat. An interview with a man who actually owns the original “Blob”. Turns out, he lived near the studio that made the film and one day bought it from them. There’s a lot more to the story, so if you want to check it out, head to! Well, I didn’t expect that to take up a paragraph, but I’m not going to complain hehe.

For those of you who have not seen it, here is the trailer:

Parts of it looked familiar to me and after some thinking I realized from where. Clips of this trailer was shown on a drive-in screen in the musical “Grease”…. not sure how I noticed that, oh well.

The Blob has quite a legacy following it. From a mention in The Simpsons and a book in the Goosebumps series that is an apparent homage to the film (The Blob That Ate Everyone). For those of you interested, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (from my understanding, one of the film locations) has an annual festival called “Blobfest”.


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