The Dresden Files Quotes

The Dresden Files Quotes


The Dresden Files Quotes


When I was a kid, my father told me there was no such thing as monsters, my nightmares were just figments of my imagination. As I got older, I had to wonder, was he lying to me, or just wrong. – Harry

Where there’s children, there’s snot. – Bob

I don’t know what you’re lookin’ for, but I’m lookin’ for a little financial appreciation. – Harry

What you can do, what you have, that is a loaded gun. And there are people who are gonna want that gun, and they are gonna want to use you to do things that you’re not gonna want to do. – Harry’s father

If you’re a janitor and you fail, someone ends up with gum on their shoe. If you’re a wizard and you fail, people can end up dead. – Harry

My father said there were no monsters. My uncle insisted monsters were real, and he should know, because he was one. – Harry


Putting “wizard” on your door is like putting up a sign that says “lunatics wanted.” – Harry

Oh, I sense another Quixotic crusade looming on the horizon! – Bob

Harry – “You’re a cop, Murphy. You can do anything!”
Murphy – “Well, I can’t make you go away!”

Saiben – “Over time, I believe he [cellmate Boone] actually learned to appreciate my particular interests.”
Harry – “Those being ancient Egyptian funerary rights?”
Saiben – “It’s not a crime.”
Harry – “Not unless you practice ’em on live people!!”

Hey, whadda’ya know! I’m alive! – Harry

Harry – “So it’s a get-out-of-death-free card?”
Saiben – “If you need such an imbecilic crutch to grasp the concept, then, yes.”

The final showdown, I kind of like that part: face the villain, beat the bad guy. It’s the waiting beforehand that kills me, wondering if I’m gonna live, knowing I might not. Gives me ulcers! – Harry

Boone – “What are you?!?”
Harry – “I’m the guy that’s gonna send you to Hell. Say hi to my uncle when you’re down there!”


Dresden, please don’t drag me around like an inbred cocker spaniel! – Bob the ghost

Heather Braham – “Why are you doing this?”
Harry – “Cause I’m the only one who can.”

If I didn’t know what I know, I’d be skeptical too. – Harry

Animals; sometimes I think that’s really all we are, driven by instinct, the need to survive. And if you really want to see someone at their most primitive, all you have to do is just throw ’em in a cage. – Harry

Bob – “Where have you been?”
Harry – “In jail. I escaped!”
Bob – “You’re a fugitive?!?!”
Harry – “That is the least of our problems!”

Everything smells like food. You . . . You smell like food. Harry, I’m slipping away and I don’t like it!! – Heather Braham

Heather Braham – “This is insane!!”
Harry – “Yeah, I know, but it’s real.”

Bob – “She’ll be back.”
Harry – “Ahh, maybe. Or maybe someday she’ll slip up and I’ll have to hunt her down and kill her.”


Harry – “Now’s not a good time.”
Bianca – “I have a very big problem.”
Harry – “That’s next door. We’re small-to-medium problems here!”

Chicago – When the winds blow, they stir up all kinds of refuse: old newspapers, wrappers from last week’s lunch, lost souls. – Harry

Harry – “She needs help.”
Bob – “So did the scorpion when he asked the frog to carry him across the river, and we all know how THAT turned out!!”

My mother wouldn’t always accept the way things were. She always had to change the world; that got her killed. . . My family has screwed up, and I’m screwed up, and someone should just wipe us out! – Harry

You and I, we’re orphans of the world. – Bianca

Bob – “You didn’t kill her?!?!”
Harry – “No, I didn’t kill her!”
Bob – “You will regret it.”

Harry- “You love this, don’t you?”
Bob – “What?”
Harry – “Me saying you’re right.”
Bob – “Oh, very much so! And one can never really hear it enough!.”

What is it about bad girls? They lie, cheat, won’t suck your blood even when you beg them to. But for some reason, no matter how badly they treat us, we still can’t walk away. – Harry

Bob – “Oh, I am doomed!”
Harry – “Yeah, you’re doomed! You live in a skull!”

A pair of irredeemable creatures, who probably don’t deserve to exist, and yet we do, in spite of our murderous pasts. So we do what we can to make up for the pain that we caused. – Bianca

Harry – “You don’t frighten me.”
Bianca – “That, my dear boy, is why one day I might have to rip your throat out.”


Murphy – “Was he a client or a friend?”
Harry – “Neither. I just met the guy.”
Murphy – “What else can you tell me about him? . . . ”
Harry – “He’s been married 10 years and he likes running.”
Murphy – “Hmm. Married. It’s probably what killed him.

Alas, poor Kelton, he did not go gentle into that good night! It was probably your tea that killed him, given that you haven’t washed your teapot during the current millenium. – Bob

If you could see the future, but you couldn’t do anything to change it, would you still wanna know? – Harry

Harry – “I got an idea. It’s a little out there.”
Bob – “And how would that be any different from any of your other ideas?”

Bob – “Resurrection, reanimation, but the name is not important. What is important is the power.”
Harry – “The power to what? Bring someone back to life? That’s not possible, not even for a wizard. Is it? Bob? What do you know about all this?”
Bob – “Enough to be trapped inside my own skull for all eternity!”

Murphy – “Great. . . Now Dresden’s missing.”
Kirmani – “He’s probably on a weekend pass to Middle-Earth.”

When I cast a tracking spell, I never know where it’s gonna take me, so I always brace myself for the worst: death, depravity, horror, the suburbs. – Harry


I am a trapped, dead, useless, insubstantial puff of air. I might as well be a painting on the wall. – Bob

Murphy – “This case is gonna be a problem for me, isn’t it?”
Harry – “What do you mean?”
Murphy – “Because this girl was a client, or wanted to be one. . . and we both know what comes after that: craziness and lies.”

Locked doors and dead ends; that’s where half my investigations lead. But with the right kind of persuasion, almost any lock can be convinced to open. – Harry

Morgan – “There’s dark magic everywhere; the world is drowning in it. The High Council wages war against it every day. . . “
Harry – “Where were you when my father was murdered? Were you off waging war somewhere more important?”
Morgan – “We can’t be everywhere.”
Harry – “No, but you could at least be somewhere, occasionally.”

You tryin’ to save everyone, or just yourself? – Morgan

Life’s short; grab it or get squished. – Brady Whitfield


Susan – “Are you okay?”
Harry – “Uh, define okay.”

To hate someone, you have to really know them. So when I’m looking for someone’s enemies, the first people I check into are their friends. – Harry

The magical world isn’t so different from the normal one; it’s full of predators and prey. One of the biggest predators of them all is Bianca. . . The thing about Bianca’s, is whatever you’re looking for, you can find it there. – Harry

When you use the black, it eats at you, makes you dependant so you wanna use it more and more, and sooner or later it starts using you. – Harry

You know, Harry, it’s the little lies that we tell ourself that make life so amusing. – Bianca

The only thing I hate more than being lied to, is being made to look like an accessory to murder!! – Murphy

Harry – “You went to bat for me! I’m speechless!”
Morgan – “Works for me.”

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