The Expanse Character Guide

The Expanse Caracters


The Expanse Character Guide

James “Jim” Holden
“I’m nobody’s savior!”
Played By: Steven Strait
“Earth and Mars have been stepping on the necks of the Belters out here for over 100 years and I didn’t want to be the boot.”

Jim Holden is 2nd Officer of the ice trawler Canterbury (which supplies water for the Asteroid Belt’s residents). This position offers him freedom and a minimum of responsibility.

A Montana native, he is the only child born to eight parents as part of a genetic collective. At a time when Earth’s population is over 30 billion, there are big incentives for people not to have children. Holden’s family is fighting to preserve one of the last undeveloped wildernesses in Montana; a losing battle that Holden joined Earth’s Navy to escape.

In the UN Navy he served as a First Lieutenant until an ideological conflict turned into a physical confrontation, and Holden was made to face court martial. After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy, Holden took a contract with Pur’n’Kleen (owner of the Canterbury), looking to get as far from home as possible.

First Officer Naomi Nagata
“I fix ships, not people.”
Played By: Dominique Tipper
“Every shitty thing we do makes the next one that much easier, doesn’t it?”

Growing up on poor Belter mining ships meant that Naomi’s early life was lived on a knife’s edge: nearly suffocating, starving, and becoming marooned were regular occurrences throughout her childhood.

Self-educated with multiple advanced degrees, and having risen to the rank of Chief Engineer aboard the ice trawler Canterbury, she appears to be a model Belter success story, though she carries with her a secret pain.

She is cagey about her past, even with her closest friends. She abhors violence, but has witnessed enough injustice to understand the necessity of it.

Her complicated relationship with violence and her troubled history have lead to an unlikely friendship with the Canterbury’s mechanic, Amos Burton.


Amos Burton
Played By: Wes Chatham
“The way I see it, there’s only three kinds of people in this world: Bad ones, ones you follow, and ones you need to protect.”

A mechanic aboard the Pur’n’Kleen ice trawler Canterbury. He’s an Earther who doesn’t talk about his past – but knows a lot about brothels and Baltimore. He’s eerily comfortable, and even cheerful, at the prospect of violence.

Alex Kamal
Played By: Cas Anvar
“If that thing out there really is some sort of human-protocrap hybrid, then we’re yesterday’s model. Obsolete.”

A pilot for the Pur’n’Kleen ice trawler Canterbury.

Having grown up in Mars’ Mariner Valley, Alex was raised with the incongruous Texas drawl that has caught on among the largely Indian and Chinese population who live there. Unlike the rest of his sizable family on Mars, Alex looked at the generations-long terraforming project with a sense of restlessness and dread. He just couldn’t bear the thought of whiling his life away on a project he would never see completed. With dreams of flying fast attack gunships, he enlisted in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. After his tour ended the call of adventure proved too strong to resist. Signing up with Pur’n’Kleen gave him the chance to visit the farthest reaches of the solar system.

Gunnery Sergeant Roberta “Bobbie” Draper
Played By: Frankie Adams
“I have never crossed anyone first. But burn me and mine and I’ll go through you like a door.”

A member of the Martian Marine Corps. The toughest member of her squad and a disciplinarian when it comes to anyone acting out of line, she is a fiercely nationalistic Martian dedicated to the dream of terraforming the planet.

Chrisjen Avasarala
Portrayed By: Shohreh Aghdashloo
“Never listen to what people say. Just watch what they do.”

The UN Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration — third in line from the UN Secretary-General (and from being leader of the Earth and Luna). She takes a very active role in protecting the interests of Earth and Luna, intent on making sure that the United Nations remains the dominant power in the Solar System.


Camina Drummer
Played by: Cara Gee
“All the optimists I know are dead.”

Tycho Station’s Assistant Director of Operations and Fred Johnson’s second-in-command. Following the Time Skip mid-Season Three, Drummer had been made commanding officer of the OPA Behemoth, formerly the LDSS Nauvoo.


Frederick “Fred” Lucius Johnson
Played By: Chad L. Coleman
“I thought I was done with all this — sending people to their deaths.”

The Chief of Operations at Tycho Station’s colossal mobile construction platform, Frederick Lucius Johnson oversees the construction of space stations, the spinning up of asteroids, and in recent years the construction of mankind’s first generation starship: the Nauvoo.

A retired Colonel with the UN Marines, Fred is notorious for his involvement in a UN military action that will live on in infamy. Since his disgrace he has sought solace and penance working to better the life of Belters all over the system.

Fred is an outspoken advocate for the Outer Planets Alliance, a Belter advocacy group who seek legitimacy, but are often accused of terrorism.

Captain Klaes Ashford
Portrayed By: David Strathairn

A commander in the newly formed OPA Navy, appointed by Fred Johnson and Anderson Dawes to act as Drummer’s First Officer aboard the Behemoth. Has an extremely shady and unscrupulous past as a violent pirate, and immediately begins making moves to undermine her.

Detective Josephus “Joe” Miller
“No laws in Ceres. Just cops.”
Played By: Thomas Jane
“The stars are better off without us.”

A detective with the Star Helix aboard Ceres Station. A native Belter who’s never been off Ceres, he dresses like an Earther and has a certain amount of disdain towards his own kind.


Juliette Andromeda Mao
Played By: Florence Faivre
“Can’t take the Razorback. Catch me if you can.”

The high-society daughter of one of Earth’s wealthiest and most powerful people, Julie was never content with the life of a socialite or cutthroat enough for business. A champion light spacecraft pilot, she became well-known after garnering a number of wins on the Near Space Regatta circuit. After a falling out with her father, she rejected all of his wealth and support in order to start a new life out in the Belt. Joining a student organization — The Far Horizons Foundation — with ties to the Outer Planets Alliance, she worked tirelessly for the betterment of Belters… right up to the day she went missing.



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