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I can’t think of a more entertaining movie to start this countdown with. Although I have not watched this movie since I was younger, and its been more than 10 years since I last watched, it still leaves happy memories… and I will most likely NOT watch the movie now for fear of shattering said memories. tongue.gif

I believe I was the only one who had this on the respected top 31 lists (out of the 4 of us who participated) and I don’t really know why other than what I explained in the first paragraph. Since I can’t really talk about why this movie is one of my favorites, I guess I’ll run through the plot for you. Saying that makes me wonder if there are people out there who haven’t seen this movie….

Anyways, A newly engaged couple (Brad Majors and Janet Weiss) find themselves lost one stormy October night and attempt to seek out a phone. They find a castle full of crazed characters who are dancing “The Time Warp” (I bet you $5 that song is stuck in your head right now wink.gif). They meet a bunch of transvestites (one of which is Dr Frank-N-Furter), which leds to Frank somehow being chased down. This whole…. fun fest, I guess you can say, is broken up by none other than Meat Loaf… whose character is killed like 30 seconds after.

Wow, this recap is really dragging and I feel like procrastinating more as I sit here….. which brings us to todays lesson folks: If you have kids, do them a favor. Break their procrastination early, because its hard as hell to break it once they get older. I bet a lot of you are in the same boat I am right now hehe. OK, so you’re not up at 3 am typing an article about transvestites, but I mean the procrastination bit.

Anywho, back to the recap. OK, I don’t remember much after what I just typed except for dancing…. and Frank’s death… maybe I should watch this movie again just for the heck of it. Here’s a link to Wikipedia, just in case you want to read what else happens.

Well, seeing as I went short with this article, I suppose I should supplement it with bonus materials… if I were a dvd, that’d be no problem. Lets see what I can dig up:

Oh here we go, a trailer:

Annnd how about a reference from a television show (One of my favs- Drew Carey):


Other Bonus materials for you to enjoy:

The Script – though I think this film is more for visuals lol
Official Fan Site
Official UK Fan Club

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