The White Plague by Frank Herbert – Book Review

The White Plague

and his targets are the nations of Ireland (where the bomb came from), England (who has provoked the bad feelings from Ireland), and Libya (where the terrorists were trained). He gathers all the cash he can lay hands on, and sets up a garage laboratory where he cooks up a virus that selectively targets and kills women. When the virus is released, he warns the targets of what has happened and tells them to close their borders – but, as you may have guessed, the virus is not contained and the entire world is ravaged by one man’s pain turned loose in physical form.

I couldn’t put it down – the story is horrifying, and all the more frightening because it could happen tomorrow. When will a madman use our knowledge to destroy us? Where’s the real O’Neill – because he’s out there, somewhere, waiting on a disaster to release the darkness inside of him. Pick up The White Plague for guaranteed shivers up the spine!!

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