Thirteen Ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts

Here we are October 2nd and our second addition to the Halloween Countdown is the 2001 film Thirteen Ghosts.

This film is a remake of the 1960 film made by William Castle, a fact that I didn’t know until I started my research for this writeup. I have not seen the original so I cannot comment on how this movie is similar to the original or different.

Moving away from a cult classic which is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Thirteen Ghosts will scare you instead of making you sing along.

The story is about a man Arthur Kriticos (played by Tony Shalhoub of Monk fame), his daughter Kathy (played by Shannon Elizabeth) and his young son (played by Alec Roberts). Also included is the babysitter/nanny (played by Rah Digga) which adds some comedy relief. Arthur lost his wife due to a house fire and deeply upset over the loss which affects himself and his family deeply. Much to his amazement he is left a house and fortune by his late uncle Cyrus Kriticos (played by F. Murray Abraham).

This house is no ordinary house by any means. It is constructed using mainly glass and steel. There are no walls that you can’t see through. But he and his family are happy with a turn around in fortune. That is until Dennis Rafkin (played by Matthew Lillard) who is a deraigned psychic who helped Cyrus enters the picture and explains that this house is much more then meets the eye.

The house is a storage place for 12 ghosts. More then just a storage place it is a machine to trigger “Ocularis Infernum” which is the ability to see into the future but requires 13 ghosts to make happen.

The film is not the most scarey movie I have ever seen but the awesome effects and set design warrent the movie to be on our countdown. The body count is quite low compaired to some upcoming movies on the list but when they do meet their end it is pretty spectacular.

It is well worth renting and checking out especially during Halloween for some thrills and chills. You got to see the Ghosts!

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