True Blood Trivia

True Blood Trivia


True Blood Trivia


What does Sam do in his sleep? Bark

What club did sookie’s grandmother want Bill to speak at? Descendants of the Glorious Dead

What do the “drainers” use to restrain Bill? silver chain

What is the vampire bar called? Fangtasia


True Blood Trivia Season 1


  • Episode 1×01: Strange Love

    • Vampire Bill Compton is 173 years old.
    • The frat boy and sorority girl, Kelly, pull over at the “GrabbitKwik” convenience store. Maudette Pickens, the murdered woman, is mentioned to be an employee at “GrabbitKwik”.
    • Nan Flanagan of the American Vampire League is shown on television doing an interview with Bill Maher. Bill Maher is host of the talk show Real Time with Bill Maher which also airs on HBO.
    • The camo-clad hunter/vampire purchases the synthetic drink “Tru Blood” in the form of a 4-pack of bottles. Typically wine coolers are sold in 4-packs, beer is generally sold in 6-packs. The tag line for “Tru Blood” is “Real Blood is for suckers!”
    • When Sookie comes home from work the first night, her grandmother is reading Last Scene Alive, written by Charlaine Harris who also wrote the Sookie Stackhouse books “True Blood” is based on.
  • Episode 1×02: The First Taste

    • The license plate on the vampires vehicle is “Fangs 1”.
    • Sookie’s parents died in a flash flood just before her 8th birthday.
    • The fictional television station the debate between the Reverand Theodore Newlin of “The Fellowship of the Sun” and Nan Flanagan of the “American Vampire League” airs on is called TBBN.
    • Vampire Mythology revealed in this episode:

      – Vampires require an invitation to enter a human’s home. That invitation can be revoked.
      – Some vampires can turn into animals, Bill cannot.
      – Vampires can put glamors on humans to feed on them and they will not remember after wards.
      – Their blood can cure/heal humans.

  • Episode 1×03: Mine

    • Vampire mythology:
      – Hepatitis D is a Hepatitis mutation relatively harmless to humans, and is the only blood-born pathogen vampires are susceptible to. It makes vampires weak for around a month. The real danger is being captured and staked during this time.
      – Vampires’ bodies have no electrical impulses. No brain waves, no heart beat, no need to breathe. They are dead.
      – When vampires live in nests, the vampires become more cruel and more vicious.
  • Episode 1×04: Escape From Dragon House

    • It’s revealed that Sookie is 25 years old.
    • The young Jason has blue eyes, while the adult Jason has brown eyes.
    • A sign on the wall in Fangtasia reads: “No Biting on Premises”.
    • When Eric summons Bill and Sookie in Fangtasia, he speaks in Swedish to Pam. What he says is “Vår lilla djurpark börjar växa till sig.” which means “Our little zoo is starting to grow.” Pam replies “Jag vet.” which means “I know.”
  • Episode 1×05: Sparks Fly Out

    • Bill was First Lieutenant William Thomas Compton of the 28th Louisiana infantry formed in Monroe in 1862 under Colonel Henry Gray.
    • Vampire Mythology

      In this episode we learn that, contrary to some vampire lore, vampires will indeed appear in a photograph taken of them.

  • Episode 1×06: Cold Ground

    • It’s revealed that Tara’s middle name is Mae, just like her mother’s.
    • Sookie stumbles upon Bill’s grave while at the funeral of her Grandmother. It reads “William Thomas Compton – Beloved Husband – Brave Soldier”
    • This is the first time we see or hear mention of Sookie’s Uncle Bartlet.
    • Sookie’s cat appears to purr during two odd moments: once when Sookie is masturbating and again when the cat is licking up Adele’s blood.
  • Episode 1×07: Burning House of Love

    • We learn that contrary to popular legends vampires are indeed reflected into mirrors, and that crucifixes, holy water and garlic don’t harm them. Bill tells Sookie that vampires themselves invented these myths so they could “prove” they were human if they needed to.
  • Episode 1×08: The Fourth Man in the Fire

    • Eric is vampire sheriff of Area 5.
  • Episode 1×09: Plaisir D’Amour

    • Vampire Mythology:
      In this episode it is revealed that when killed, vampires do not turn to dust but rather they sort of explode into a gory mess.
    • Time Index 48:13 and several second after. During the scene you can see a piece of equipment, presumably a camera stand, moving around and out of the shot in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Episode 1×10: I Don’t Wanna Know

    • In the beginning of this episode Sookie is shocked to learn that werewolves exist. This is ironic, as actress Anna Paquin (Sookie) played a werewolf in the recent horror film Trick ‘r Treat (2009).
    • We learn that Sam’s shape shifting ability is hereditary and that many thousands of shape shifters exist.
  • Episode 1×11: To Love is to Bury

    • The painting behind the bed Tara slept in is by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and is called The Grand Odalisque.
  • Episode 1×12: You’ll Be the Death of Me

    • What Alexander Skarsgård says in the end of the epidode is “O du ljuva frihet”, which is Swedish and means “O sweet freedom” in English.




True Blood Trivia Season 2


  • Episode 2×01: Nothing But the Blood

    • The first scene takes place right after the previous episode. However, Sookie’s hair is a lot more curly.
    • The second season is based on Charlaine Harris’ second Sookie Stackhouse novel Living Dead in Dallas. However, in the book Lafayette was found dead in Andy’s car while in the series it was Miss Jeanette.
  • Episode 2×02: Keep This Party Going

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 2×03: Scratches

    • According to the t-shirt that Sookie is given to wear, the address of Fangtasia is 44 Industrial Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana.
    • In the scene where Eric asks Pam and Chow to go search the woods, Eric says “Du hörde vad jag sa” which is Swedish and means “You heard what I said”.
    • Dr. Ludwig says that Komodo dragons will bite and poison it’s prey then track it for days waiting for it to die. This is not true. Although they do have saliva rich with bacteria, and that a bite from one could cause infections, Komodo dragons mostly eat carrion, or animals that are already dead. When a Komodo does attack live prey, it ambushes it, attacking the legs of larger prey or the throats of smaller prey, and bites until its prey is dead. Then depending on the size of the prey, the Komodo will either tear pieces, or swallow it whole.

      *** Actually her comment can be true. On the BBC documentary Life, we see a pack of Komodos stalk a water buffalo. One of the Komodos bites it in the leg and they subsequently wait a week for the bite to kill it before they attack it while weakened and eat it. Exactly how the doctor describes it.

  • Episode 2×04: Shake and Fingerpop

    • Jessica learns how to glamour in this episode.
    • Music

      Louisiana Hot Sauce- Sammy Kershaw

  • Episode 2×05: Never Let Me Go

    • In this episode we find out that Godric is Eric’s maker.
  • Episode 2×06: Hard-Hearted Hannah

    • Tidbit: The song that Bill plays on the piano in 1926 is the same one that he was practicing in last season’s finale before Jessica was returned to him.
  • Episode 2×07: Release Me

    • The black-and-white movie that Tara and Eggs watch at Sookie’s house is the 1958 film The Screaming Skull. The b-movie is best known for having appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
    • In this episode, it is revealed that Maryann is a Maenad. As correctly stated in the episode, a Maenad is a female follower of Dionysus, the god of wine and the inspirer of ecstasy.
  • Episode 2×08: Timebomb

    • While Lorena cries blood in this episode, both Jessica and Isobel also cry during this hour (Isobel even sniffles) but we do not see any blood stream down their cheeks.
    • Based on what happened to Jessica, we can surmise that whatever state a person’s body is in when they are turned is the state that their body will return to whenever they are injured.
    • Vampire Mythology

      In this episode, we find out that older vampires may require very little blood to survive.

  • Episode 2×09: I Will Rise Up

    • It’s revealed that the older a vampire is, the quicker he or she will be destroyed by the rays of the sun.
    • When Godric says goodbye to Eric he calls him “Father, brother, son”. This refers to when Godric turned Eric into a vampire and told him “I’ll be your father, your brother, your son”.
  • Episode 2×10: New World In My View

    • Goof: Tara was tied up at Lafayette’s, but after she recovers she goes to hug her mother without having ever been untied.
    • It seems odd that Jason could hear Andy whispering, but could not hear Sam talking in a normal to shouting voice.
  • Episode 2×11: Frenzy

    • Eric can fly, unlike the rest of the vampires.
  • Episode 2×12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

    • Terry’s shirt says the following: WARNING

      OUT OF MY FACE. Thank You





True Blood Trivia Season 3


  • Episode 3×01: Bad Blood

    • First appearance by Zeljko Ivanek (“The Magister”) since the season 1 episode “I Don’t Wanna Know”.
    • It was revealed that Lorena’s last name is Krasiki.
    • Jessica calls Hoyt from a cellphone, but when she hangs up on him there is a click sound. Unless she slammed the cell phone, they do not make click sounds when hung up, they make tone sounds.
  • Episode 3×02: Beautifully Broken

    • When Sam and his newly found brother Tommy Mickens are first seen outside with the ’58 Plymouth Fury, we see Tommy’s red and white tool box is fully open. The box is seen to be of the type that has two flip lid internal covers, then two fold and push close cascading sides, with two final flip close outer side covers. When Tommy throws his tools into the toolbox, he is then seen flipping his left inner side lid closed, and heard flipping the right inner side lid closed. He is then immediately seen flipping the right outside case lid closed, which would be impossible without first having cascaded the two outer side extensions back into the middle of the toolbox.
    • It’s revealed that vampires can eat regular food, so long as it is made with blood. For example: blood soup, blood ice cream and blood wine.
  • Episode 3×03: It Hurts Me Too

    • In the scene where Jason sees Tara at the bar, she’s pouring him a beer from a tap labeled as Abita Turbodog. The problem is that the beer that comes out is a light-colored beer, like a Coors or something. Abita Turbodog is a dark ale, the beer should be almost black in color.

      Also, between shots, the mug goes from half to full several times.

  • Episode 3×04: 9 Crimes

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×05: Trouble

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×06: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×07: Hitting the Ground

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×08: Night on the Sun

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×09: Everything Is Broken

    +Add Trivia See All

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×10: I Smell A Rat

    • No Trivia for this episode.
  • Episode 3×11: Fresh Blood

    • Eric’s ringtone is “Ain’t We Got Fun?”, a popular foxtrot published in 1921. Richard A. Whiting wrote the music with Raymond B. Egan and Gus Kahn providing the lyrics. The song reflected the mood that dominated much of the decade called the Roaring Twenties.
  • Episode 3×12: Evil is Going On

    • No Trivia for this episode.



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