V (2009) Character Guide

V (2009) Character Guide


V (2009) Character Guide

Anna, played by Morena Baccarin

AnnaAnna is the stunningly beautiful, charismatic and powerful Leader of the Visitors. She is benevolent, charming and offers friendship to the people of Earth. Privately, she is fierce and manipulative, ruling the Visitors (and if she has her way, humanity) with an iron fist.

Erica Evans, played by Elizabeth Mitchell

EricaErica Evans is a top agent with the FBI’s Counter Terrorist Division. She’s also a single mom doing the best she can raising a troubled teenaged son. After the Visitors arrive, Erica gets caught up in the greatest conspiracy and toughest fight of her life, to save humanity and to keep her son safe.

She discovers that the aliens have plans to infiltrate our governments and businesses in a plot to take over the planet. Erica joins the resistance movement, which includes Ryan, an alien who wants to save humanity.However, the aliens have recruited earth’s youth, including Erica’s son Tyler Evans, to serve unknowingly as spies.

Father Jack Landry, played by Joel Gretsch

Father JackFather Jack Landry is a passionate priest whose faith in God and religion is shaken by what appears to be the Visitors’ salvation of humankind. He is surprised to find himself battling not just for the souls of people, but for their very lives.

Chad Decker, played by Scott Wolf

ChadChad Decker is an ambitious reporter, hungry to make a name for himself. Chad’s already precarious moral limits are stretched as he finds himself in the uncomfortable, yet highly beneficial position of becoming the conduit for Anna’s propaganda.

Ryan Nichols, played by Morris Chestnut

RyanRyan Nichols’ past is threatening to come between him and his soon-to-be fiancée Valerie, as he faces the inner turmoil of choosing between a future with her and the mysterious past that’s haunting him.

Dr. Valerie Stevens, played by Lourdes Benedicto

ValerieDr. Valerie Stevens is a dedicated psychologist, who is in love with mystery man Ryan Nichols. She finds her once rock-solid relationship with Ryan on shaky ground when his behavior takes an odd turn following the arrival of the Visitors.


Lisa, played by Laura Vandervoort

LisaLisa is a beautiful Visitor Guide aboard the New York Mothership, who greets and charms Tyler (who is immediately entranced by her) and Brandon upon their arrival. Lisa is the leader of the New York’s Chapter of the Peace Ambassador Program. She is also Anna’s daughter.

Tyler Evans, played by Logan Huffman

TylerTyler Evans is Erica’s 17-year-old son. His father abandoned him and his mother a year ago and since then he’s been headed down the wrong path. He and friend Brandon are captivated by the V’s when they arrive. The Visitors eventually provide Tyler with a chance to re-direct his wayward behavior, into something seemingly more positive. In reality, it’s anything but…



















































V (2009) Character Guide

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