V (2009) Quotes

V (2009) Quotes



V (2009) Quotes

College Kid #1: Dude, *this* is “Independence Day”!
Tyler Evans: Which was a rip-off of any number of alien invasion predecessors.

Father Jack Landry: The world’s in bad shape, Father. Who wouldn’t welcome a savior right now? But that’s the danger. Under the right circumstances and with enough time, gratitude can morph into worship. Or worse… devotion!

Anna: We are of peace. Always.

Chad: Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?

Jack: Rattlesnakes are God’s creatures, too. Doesn’t mean they’re good for us.

Georgie Sutton: They gain trust with the promise of friendship! And of course, all they’re really doing is positioning themselves as the saviors of mankind!

Anna: We are honored by your friendship. We will nurture, cherish it and never abandon it.

Jack: You’re an FBI agent?
Erica: You’re a friggin’priest?

Chad: I have to show Anna she’s not the only one to get what she wants. When I’m done she’ll be the one calling me.

Tyler: Wow. Space girls are funny.

Ryan: I better not ever hear you talk about skinning a V again.

Anna: If we learned anything is that emotion is weakness. Love is the greatest flaw of humans and our best tool to break them. He says he misses his family, let’s show him his family.

Anna: Let them have this one victory because I am about to deliver them a thousand defeats.

Anna: Our needs are simple and our desire to help is great.

Erica: I’d really like to meet this Lisa – besides a brief encounter in her underwear.

Kyle: First you are going to tell me everything about the V’s then, you are going to beg me to kill you.

Chad: Let your voice be heard. Show the world how much you care for Anna and the Visitor’s.

Jack: Let V no longer stand for visitor – let V stand for victory.

Anna: We are of peace..Always…

Diana: (to Anna) I promise you this. One day you will feel the sting of your daughter’s betrayal as I have felt yours. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Anna: The humans think that their building their future, but in fact, they are digging their own graves.

Jack: They can take my collar but they can’t take my faith.

Erica: We have an army now. And we’re going to rein hell on the visitors.

Anna: Now that I’ve decapitated the leader of the Fifth Column, my plans can go ahead on schedule.

Diana: Under her leadership, our enemies have grown stronger.

Diana: I am the rightful Queen and I will not allow my daughter to destroy our species. Gather my people.

Anna: Put skin on my new daughter. Make sure she looks exactly like Lisa.

Lisa: Why did you do that? Why didn’t you let him catch me?
Joshua: Because I remembered who I am. I am Fifth Column like you.

Anna: (to Diana) You thought me everything I know. But, you never knew half of what I know.


V (2009) Quotes

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