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For those not aware, fans have been trying to help get Walter a star on the “Hollywood Walk Of Fame” for a few years now. TrekUnited and Sci Fi has decided to get involved with the campaign and get the letters and cards going. Please read what you can do to help support Walter and finally get the Star he deserves! Tim Brazeal recently chatted with Walter and told him how well TrekUnited members do when it comes to showing support for Star Trek and its actors. Also we here at SFU are fans of Walter for of course Star Trek and also his role as Bester in Babylon 5. Let’s NOT let Walter down! Please get your friends and other fans involved in this campaign and lets see what we can do!

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Write to the Walk of Fame Committee!

Tell them why you think they should vote this June to finally give Walter his star! In 1968 Star Trek fans got the show renewed with their letters the same thing happened with Babylon 5 when UPN canceled it, with fan support TNT picked it up – we can do this! Spread the word! Get everyone involved! This is a chance for all of us to say “Thanks!” to Walter Koenig for all he has given in his entire career! Write a letter and ask ten people you know to write. Letters must be received by May 31, 2007, and should be addressed to:

   Johnny Grant, Chairman
   Walk of Fame Committee
   c/o Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
   7018 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd Floor
   Hollywood, CA 90028

Some notes about letters:

From the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website:
“The committee does not accept signatures, phone calls, e-mails, or any form of petitions…”


Fans are intelligent, respectful people. Please show them this by stating specifically, in your own words, why you think Walter should have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. These must be letters from each individual fan in the fan’s own words. Not copies, petitions, form letters, chain letters, letters on behalf of a group with multiple
signatures, etc. Remember that the star will be for Walter’s television work – it’s recommended that you remind them of all the work he’s done. Check the qualifications below and his biography on this site. Rudeness and threats
will only sour the vote and reflects badly on both Walter and the fans.

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