When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions

When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions

Run Date: 8 to 22 June 2008

Plot Summary: Narrated by award-winning actor Gary Sinise, WHEN WE LEFT EARTH is the incredible story of humankind’s greatest adventure, as it happened, told by the people who were there. From the early quest of the Mercury program to put a man in space, to the historic moon landings, through the Soyuz link-up and the first un-tethered space walk by Bruce McCandless, this is how the space age came of age. The vivid HD series features vintage rushes and all the key onboards filmed by the astronauts themselves. The sequences are captured by cameras onboard the spaceships, enabling the series to tell the stories in a depth never seen before.




Gary Sinise … Narrator
John Young … Himself
Jay Barbree … Himself
Christopher Kraft … Himself
Frank Borman … Himself
Eugene Cernan … Himself
Bruce McCandless II … Himself
Jim Lovell … Himself
Jim McDivitt … Himself
Buzz Aldrin … Himself

Genre: Documentary

Official Site: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/nasa/nasa.html

Still Images:


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