‘X-Files 3’ Maybe About Alien Colonization

"I think there very well could be more in the future," he told Bloody-Disgusting. "The studio has not indicated another one yet, but there certainly is an audience for it. I think what happened this past summer was a function of bad luck and bad timing with the release. These movies cost a lot of money, not just to make but to market them as well. When the studio looks at the sales of the DVD that’s when they will really decide to see if its worth risking. There is still a lot of love with 20th Century Fox, as well as with the fans."

Spotnitz also revealed that he’d like the story of the new sequel to revolve around "Alien Colonization." "If we were to do one more movie, I think it pretty obviously would have to deal with Alien Colonization." he said. "In the series we say its coming in 2012, I honestly think that that is the movie that the fans are most eager to see. Hat would be the one I would want to make. For me I think its pretty integral to the series to make tell that story."

He continued: "With ‘I Want to Believe,’ we were un-tethered by the TV show, we could tell any story we want. If you are a fan of the show, you know that about 80% of the stories do not have anything to do with aliens; they were stand alone scary stories. This movie was more about the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and not so much about the X-File."

So do you want to see another X-Files Movie made?


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